View Full Version : mauser sporter stock?

April 30, 2009, 10:08 PM
hi, im about to turn a turkish into a light wieght sporter. im looking for the lightest stock i can buy. does anyone make a stock that does not require a floor plate? cause this rifle wieghs 6 pounds barelled action and 7 pound with the floor plate installed. this is before i cut down the barrel though and add a scope. also anyone know of a light compact scope that can handle recoil? any info will be apreciated.

May 2, 2009, 05:18 PM
It will be a little expensive, to have a special order stock made up w/o the bottom metal inletting - whether it be wood or synthetic.

If I was making a lightweight rifle from a Turk, on a budget, I would drop it in the lightest synthetic I could find, and install alloy bottom metal, ILO swiss-cheesing the issue magazine well, etc.

Lightening can also get into drilling blind holes in the bottom of the barrel channel and under the buttplate.

A non-featherweight barrel contour adds the most weight.

If you were adept, and could find an older Remington ADL (blind mag) stock, the inletting could be hogged out for the Turk & glass-bedded to fit.
Ditto a synthetic made for the old ADL.

Alloy scope mounts - like Weaver - are the lightest in my experience; and Simmons makes an inexpensive 2x20 shotgun scope with 5" of eye relief that's stood up to the recoil of a few of my .45-70's for several years.