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April 30, 2009, 01:52 AM
This is a rant on the local Wachovia branch (Statesboro, GA). This happened to me last May, and I thought I would share it with you guys. I had an account with them for almost 3 years when this happened.

Due to a certain family member stealing money out of an old bank account in my hometown I no longer resided in, I was forced to drive about 250 miles to pick up a cashier's check in the 5-digit range and drive 250 miles back. This was a big stink in the family, and plenty of family and friends knew I was coming to get the check, where I would be staying, and what route I would be taking. So I (being the intellectual I am) decided carrying a concealed weapon wouldn't be a bad idea.

Well, the trip was flawless. I was carrying a compact .40S&W in a leather pancake holster in my mid-back. It was carefully covered by a nice polo shirt. As I arrived in town, I went directly to the bank. It was 3PM, so they were undoubtedly busy. I stood in line with my deposit slip and a very large cashier's check. There were a little over a dozen people ahead of me in line, and more coming in.

Well, someone ahead of me dropped their pen. Without think I did the gentlemanly thing of bending over to pick it up. I guess the barrel of my 40 must have poked out from under the shirt for a second, and someone happened to see it.

Not even 2 minutes later, I was being asked by a manager to step out of the line. They asked me to leave. I asked why, and they asked if I was carrying a gun. I didn't lie. I told them I was carrying a concealed firearm for defensive purposes because I was traveling on business, AND that I was fully licensed to do so. I explained my situation with the large check and trip, and that I had carried in there before on business in the 2+ years I had been banking with them. They explained that I had made the customers uneasy and they didn't want any problems. Well, the customers were still all behind me that were there before! I must not have scared them too bad.

I did leave as asked. If I had stayed and argued, they could have called the police and filed trespassing charges. In response, I did the worst thing I could have done... Took the check elsewhere and closed out my account the next day. I've even open carried in my new bank when I've moved stuff into and out of my safety deposit box. No problems.

My point? Don't trust your life saving with someone who doesn't trust you.

Double Naught Spy
April 30, 2009, 03:57 AM
They don't "trust" you because you obviously could not maintain the concealment of your gun such that a casual observer was able to discern that you were carrying and it alarmed them.

As for the rest of the story, wow, you were concerned for your safety and yet the people that concerned you were allowed to know your travel plans? You let people see your gun when you are trying to conceal it and you let people who may want to do you harm know your travel plans and schedule. What were you thinking?

April 30, 2009, 09:46 AM
The people knew my travel plans because they knew that there are only two ways to get to my old hometown from my present location. One is longer than the other by a good half hour. It's one of those "you can't get there from here" scenarios.

As for where I was staying, two hotels were being renovated, two were booked for a conference and wedding, and that left only one hotel in town. Unless I wanted to plop down $200 a night for a "historic bed and breakfast" stay, I was keeping my happy tail in the one available hotel. I didn't tell them where I was staying. They just knew what was going on in town and wouldn't have trouble finding me. Besides, when was the last time you called a hotel and asked what room number someone was in? Did they say they couldn't release that information? Try it the next time you have friends or family staying in one. You might be surprised.

And as for the concealment, it is important to know the laws governing carrying where you live. I do. I could have carried openly if I chose and still been within my legal right to do so. I can, and do, openly carry in some areas. I just make sure that if I do that I am aware of the image I am portraying, and I usually restrict it to situations in which I am wearing dress or business attire (long sleeve dress shirts and ties, suits, etc.).

As for the barrel pointing out, that is speculation on my part. I didn't feel it stick out and the polo was long on me. It may have profiled when I bent over. Maybe someone brushed against it in line. The point is, I was very respectably dressed in an establishment that I had done business with for an extended period of time, yet I was asked to leave.

Al Norris
April 30, 2009, 10:22 AM
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