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April 28, 2009, 07:54 PM
Well I am going to be doing some trading for:

"i have a set of great working millitary issue gen 3 nvg's {night vision goggles} These are in good shape and work awsome. . i have head gear so you can were them without a kevlar combat helmet, extra rubber eye cups, protective lenses and some sort of compass mount that i dont know how to use. heres a link to what they are......

How much would you say these are worth, I have some pictures of the actual goggles? You can see that they have some use as some scratches and all. I just want to know what I should offer as far as trade value

another post when i aquired about them:

i have the head gear but will have to find it, i also have extra parts like protective lenses, a compass that connects to the end of them somehow, and i believe some new eye cups. i have never had any problems with the goggles. i have had them for 2 years and have used them a great deal, and havent even had to replace the batteries partially due to the automatic off feature. the automatic off feature keeps you from leaving them on but is also kind of stupid b/c you have to turn them back on. they are the same goggles that are millitary issue so they are indestructable, i wont lie, i have dropped them, thrown them around and never thought twice about it. my buddy that is an ex marine said that there is no way you could be rougher on them than the soldiers were. they are water proof up to 30meters so you could drop them in the river and they would still work. they have an i.r. setting for infer red use indoors when star and moon light isnt avbl. they are powerfull enough to see through clouds to where you can see the stars. they are clear and crisp enough that you can see critters in woods with no problems, they are amazing. the pics i took were from tonight, they are so sensitive and bright that you can see shadows cast by the moon light that you normally cant see with the naked eye. it was -pitch black out when i took the pics you couldnt even see the trees. keep in mind "THESE PICS DONT DO JUSTICE FOR HOW SHARP AND BRIGHT THEY ACTUALLY ARE WHEN VIEWING THROUGH THEM YOURSELF" .they do have some scratches and nicks in the paint but they are from the hard aftermarket case i used to have for them, it was molded hard abs plastic that they fit into, it just scratched them up, i have since lost that case. i assure you these are impact, shock, and weather resistant, they are made to take a beating in battle, you will never have to worrie about breaking or damaging them and thats a great piece of mind.

Pics of actual unit:




May 2, 2009, 06:29 AM
I wont say its a terrible deal, but if the military was willing to part with gear they paid so much for, I would bet that there is something on some level thats broken. And if the guy uses the hell out of them the way he claims, I would definately recommend getting a good look at them before buying. They are solid little buggers, but not indestructable by any measure.

List price for a new unit is close to $5k, but as extensively as the the army is sure to have used them, added to whatever has been added by the civilian owner, no more than $1800, and likely less than that depending on the true condition of the unit and all the gear (just because he has the gear doesnt mean its still in good shape).

May 2, 2009, 10:36 AM
If they're stolen from the military, pretty likely, you could be getting yourself into a big headache.

May 3, 2009, 10:09 AM
Those are the older series of Night vision so I doubt they're gen III prob gen 2 . Also i dont know how durable that series was but weve broken i think 3 sets of the newer ones in the past 4 months so it is possible to break them...

Also for the compass it just hooks onto the front of the lense (you just push it on like a lenscap) and then on the botton theres a little button that u press in and it lights up the compass through your eyepiece. The button sucks to use, but with the night vision on the compass works really well.

from some hasty reasearch it looks like just under 3k for gen 2 and btwn 3-4k for gen 3... And i think gen2's take 1.5v batteries, whereas gen3's take AA's?