View Full Version : Mounting aperture sight on .22

April 27, 2009, 12:16 AM
I want to mount a receiver aperture sight on an old Stevens Model 15A. It has a round receiver and no dovetail. The Lyman 540 seems to be what I'm looking for, but I'm a bit confused about the "mounting base." There is one for a 1" receiver and another for a 15/16" receiver. I assume this has to do with the curvature of the base matching the receiver? I'm also wondering if I should go ahead and get some type of new front blade or globe front. How do you know what height is needed? Sorry if this seems like common sense stuff, I'm usually into the collecting aspect of things and drilling and tapping is :barf:, but this gun was given to me by family and I will never sell it, so it is worth only what enjoyment I get out of it. Thanks,