View Full Version : my review of the simply rugged holster

April 26, 2009, 10:50 PM
I got one for my P345. Had it long enough I feel like I can give an honest opinion. The model I got was the Cuda.
The Fit- This fits my gun like a sword goes into a sheath. pulls out like it too. it is so smooth I got it down to under a second from concealed IWB. The fit in the pants is comfy. I use it both ways, no problem either way.
The comfort- Dude, I drove 200+ miles friday night while sitting on this holster with the gun in it. It didn't bother me at all. Walk around all day and don't have issues. I am almost exclusively using it as IWB as of now. The straps are easy to snap on/off, and it conceals great considering I am concealing a full size 45.
Retention- Holds the gun in place with no issues, walking, bending over, laying down, and even upside down. I tested this. I had to jerk it a good bit to finally get it to fall out.
Concealable factor- I have been walking around walmart and grandmas and other people's houses with jeans/tank top and no one could tell a thing. I tuck in dress shirts so only the straps are seen, and you can't tell a thing, besides the straps(duh) I don't even have to have a long long shirt. Something that goes right below my jean waistline is fine.
Getting in the car with it is fine. Adjustable as I get in, slide it a little to my right, and forget it. It is one hand adjustable.
Craftsmanship- 2 pieces of leather stitched together with what I think to be double stitching. The leather is not easily moved around at all. It is like a plastic mold but in leather form. Still comfortable enough to not chafe on you.
Shipping took 3 days from Alaska to GA. Rob was so nice he sent it to me for free because I ordered it on my birthday :D
I called and he answered, and I asked for the ready to go for my piece. Paypal and 3 days later I had it. Smells great, looks great, feels great. I liked it so much, that I ordered a belt yesterday. All in all, this thing is badass. /review