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April 24, 2009, 08:49 PM
Found a good deal on an ACOG. Want to put it on my DPMS LR-308. The reticle says its calibrated for a 223. Can I still use this on a rifle that's 308 and get accurate shots using the bdc?

Double Naught Spy
April 25, 2009, 12:06 AM
Sort of. Then again, if you use the wrong .223 ammo with the .223 ACOG, you will have problems as well. As I recall, the .223 ACOGs are calibrated for M855 62 gr. ammo fired from a 14.5" barrel

The question is, just how accurate do you want to be. The problem is that .308 and .223 don't have the same ballistics and the differences become more and more dramatic with distance. Depending on the ammo, you might be fine out to 200-300 yards with a reasonable amount of error.

April 25, 2009, 05:38 AM
Yes. The rangefinder feature, as stated, will not be accurate. If you treat it like a "normal" scope and zero it appropriately, then you'll have a nice setup.
The ACOG is one of the clearest scopes I have ever looked through - and I've looked a lot.

April 25, 2009, 12:44 PM
The bullet drop will be different with a different caliber and even with different .223 ammo other than M855 like stated.

April 25, 2009, 04:49 PM
that was the answer i was looking for...as long as its zeroed appropriately it will work ok. thanks