View Full Version : Form of ID for Log

April 24, 2009, 05:56 AM
Hey Guys , This is the first time I ran into this ... I picked up a really nice ak74 krinkov off gun broker ... the seller has over 350 feed backs , all are A+ . So you figure he should know the whole program .
My dealer excepts long guns with drivers license ID . I made it clear in the letter I enclosed a long with my payment to send a license .
So the gun comes in yesterday with a piece of paper ...The seller wrote down his info ... He should have drawn a stick figure for his form of ID ...What are people thinking .
So I get a re email last night ... he faxed over a C&R ...I'm not even if they could log in with that .
Any of you guys know if a C&R is a legal form to enter into a log ?
I'm trying to get a drivers license off the guy ... what are my options , can my shop run the the serial thru ATF ... sending the gun back is not a option .