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April 20, 2009, 10:18 AM
I ask this over on Gun Broker and don't seem to get an answer so maybe someone here knows.

I have a Browning Citori ser num 03825PR1B3

I can find no reference to a 1B3 model type in any of the serial number look up pages. I Googled it and found two or three other people asking about the same 1B3 designator but no one got an answer. All of the B3 guns seem to be some type of special skeet which mine appears to be. Two of the three I tried to google were within 500 numbers of mine so it seems if they only used this designator for just a short while. The other forums seemed to think it was really a TB3 or a 153 but it is not it is definitely 1B3. Any experts know what the 1B3 stands for. Also whats different about a special skeet

April 21, 2009, 10:33 AM
I can't answer your question - but the Browning factory makes a number of guns, for big dealers, as special order items. I have a couple of them - models like the XS Skeet in 28ga and .410 / a BT-100 Leo's Special - and they've been doing that for at least 30 years.

I would suggest you call Browning - they should be able to tell you exactly what it is, when it was made, etc. I called them on my BT-100 Leo's special and they were very helpful a few years ago.

April 21, 2009, 05:48 PM
Thanks I guess I will have to do that. I just envision an hour on hold. They will give me a written history for $40 but not sure I care that much.

April 22, 2009, 11:30 AM
Try to catch them at non-peak hours ...( like early afternoon )...

April 23, 2009, 08:27 AM

See page 6.

Citori Golden Clays

Configuration Code

12 Ga. Trap Monte Carlo Stock 143
12 Ga. Trap Conventional Stock N43
12 Ga. Skeet 1B3

April 23, 2009, 10:06 AM
...what's different about a special skeet?
Typically, a factory O/U "Skeet" model will have barrels with fixed open chokes and a medium to high rib with a mid rib bead sight. However, screw-in chokes are offered by some manufacturers. Some high-end manufacturers offer a variety of rib dimensions to accommodate shooter preferences.

A clean, light pulling trigger is a necessity in a Skeet gun. Selectability is usually provided, but not really required with matched chokes as the majority shoot lower barrel first. Auto selecting ejectors are nice for quickly reloading hunting guns, but not necessary in a Skeet gun. Most shooters catch their shells, so ejectors really aren't required, either; yet, "extractor only" guns are rare in O/Us.

A Skeet gun stock is straighter than a field unit, a little thicker and higher to work with the rib. Adjustable stocks are common as many folks shoot "off the shelf" guns -- most comp shooters will have had their gun custom fit. Some manufacturers offer several different sized stocks. You may see a number or color code when removing one of these. Most Skeet guns will have a robust beavertail forend.

Through the years, 'standard' Skeet O/U barrels have lengthened from 26" (40 years ago) to 28" 20 (years ago) to the present standard of 30 inches. The old school of thought was that a Skeet gun be short barreled, light and quick pointing. The present thinking is it should be heaver to adsorb more recoil and the longer barrels give a better sighting radius and smoother swing. The Skeet novice may find the quick pointability of a short gun an advantage for the occasional practice session. But, the seasoned comp shooters have learned that the longer heaver guns mean higher numbers on their NSSA average cards.

Lastly, many manufacturers will up grade the appearance of their Skeet models (over their field models) with nicer wood and metal treatments. This is common with many gun makers for all of their target guns.

April 23, 2009, 10:30 AM
Thanks Johnbt - informative link.

Zippy - good points as always

So it looks to me like this person has a grade 1 Citori - Skeet made in 1987 ( coded PR). It must be a standard grade Citori - prior to the current Lightning series - but built as a Skeet model / maybe with a different rib and stock ?

Tombstonejim - is your gun a fixed choke skeet / skeet or does it have the short screw in Invector chokes ? Is it a Monte Carlo stock or an angled stock ?

I have a grade 1 Citori 12ga - bought new in Fall 1988 ( field comb, 28" barrels ...) - and it has the screw in invector chokes. I also have a couple of Browning pumps - bought new in late 70's or early 80's that also have the screw in invector chokes - all factory installed in my guns.