View Full Version : Wild turkey legs/thighs......a recipe

April 12, 2009, 07:36 PM
So I shot my first turkeys during the early season (with a 308 no less!!). I usually just cut the breasts out of ducks, but I couldn't see doing that with my 2 big birds.

I roasted the first ones and the legs and thighs were like chewing on rubber:eek:. I set out to find a recipe for the dark meat. I found it today!!....
Well, I created it from another recipe.....:rolleyes: I just couldn't see braising it all day...Turkey stew:confused: Not my style

Turkey Boudin!

Here's the rundown:
Boil up some carrots, celery, and onions (mirepoix?) and some fatty tasso (salt pork) or bacon in about 6 or 10 cups of water. Season thoroughly (I use Tony Chacheres, and peppercorns). Throw the legs and thighs in when it starts to boil. Let that go for a while (hour..2..three). It isn't important to make it tender, just flavorful.

In a pan (cast iron skillet) saute half a head of garlic (chopped), the white part (don't get rid of the green stuff) of a bunch of green onions (chopped), and half a chopped onion with 2 slices of bacon. Set aside in a bowl when translucent.

Take out the turkey and tasso from the boil and debone/remove all meat. Strain the broth and toss the veggies from the boil.

Use the broth from the boil to make about 2 to 3 cups of rice. In the meantime, run the meat, tasso, and sauted stuff through a course plate on the meat grinder.

When the rice is done and cool add it to the meat until you get about a 50/50 mix. Add a handful of finely chopped parsley, and the chopped green part of the bunch of onions. Mix thoroughly until it forms a ball when clumped together, but not mushy. Add more broth if it is too dry.

Stuff all of this into a sausage casing (bratwurst size).

When you are ready to eat it toss it in the oven (on a pan) at 350 until the skin is brown and crispy, or toss it on the grill until crispy (but not burnt!)