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April 11, 2009, 12:03 AM
I purchased a barreled receiver online. I then found a parts kit about a month later. The barrel is stamped 8-44, and the receiver is 3,544,xxx, which I believe makes it late 1944 or early 1945. The TE gauge shows the barrel throat at 3.5. The receiver is Springfield Armory as well as the bolt (the bolt came with the parts kit, not the receiver).

My problem is when I purchased the barrel and receiver, the seller had it apart and both parts were reparkerized. I purchased a barrel vise but it came with wooden blocks. I tightened the barrel as much as I could but it just doesnt appear to be level. I am only able to check that by sighting the flat of the rear sight base with the flat of the front sight base and it looks like it it is off by a couple of degrees. The gas tube is also loose, so I am not sure if that is causing the front sight base to appear a little off or not.

I then bought a .30-06 go/no-go/field gauge set from Fulton Armory (the gauges are Forster). The bolt closes on both the no-go and field gauges. I have tried to tighten the barrel more but with the wood blocks the barrel spins.

1. Could the reparkerizing cause the barrel/receiver not tighten all the way, thus causing my headspacing issues?
2. Is there a way to check if the bolt or the receiver is the problem?
3. Since the TE on the barrel is 3.5, can the headspacing still be bad?
4. What is the best route of troubleshooting without throwing money and parts at it?
5. On the go/no-go/field gauges, it is stamped for .30-06, along with two other calibers. Can any .30-06 gauge be used for the Garand?
6. Is there any way to keep the barrel from spinning in the wood blocks of the vise?
7. Is there anything that I am missing or need to do since I am pretty much a newb?

Anything will help since I won't fire it until it passes the no-go gauge. Sorry for the long post.

April 11, 2009, 11:09 AM
To keep the barrel from turning in the blocks use pine rosin powder it will work.Good Luck

T. O'Heir
April 14, 2009, 09:24 PM
"...tightened the barrel as much as I could..." With what? You have a barrel vise and action wrench? Using anything else can twist the receiver. There's no fixing that. You may be best to have the barrel installed by a smithy.
"...Can any .30-06 gauge be used for the Garand?..." Yep. There are other cartridges that use the same headspace guages. .270 Win for one.
Throat erosion has nothing to do with headspace.