View Full Version : Remington 870 Mag tube extension broke!

April 9, 2009, 08:52 AM
I take my 870 with the factory installed mag extension to the range today. Load up and fire one shot. SPROING!! The mag spring flys out of the gun! The piece that you turn to tighten the tube from the mag is still clamped to the tube, but the extension moved forward and was completely apart from the piece. I was able to re-screw it back on, and it did it again! I re-screwed it again and finished out the session. Why would they make it so it screws on BOTH ends? Why not have the end attached to the extesnion be permanent? I guess I had it screwed too much on the top and only one or two turns onto the mag tube or something, but I think I'm gonna be ordering a magazine cap and new spring and go back to the standard configuration. How many shells does a standard 870 hold in the tube, 4? I'd rather have 4 that I know work than 6 that may.

April 9, 2009, 09:09 AM
Or you could get one of these:


April 9, 2009, 09:21 AM
does your 870 come with a Magazine Clamp? It should hold the extension tube in place... I would think.

April 9, 2009, 10:15 AM
Yeah, it has a clamp. Maybe it's a bit loose or something. Either way, how do you know if you have it situated just right so that the nut is evenly screwed onto the extension, as well as the magazine tube,? I must have only had one or two turns onto the tube, becuase all it took was that one shot and BAM, the extension flew off!

April 9, 2009, 05:37 PM
The factory extended Mag Tube came with my 870Xpress will take 5~7 full turns before it would come out. With the original 18" barrel which came with the gun there is zero clearnce between the cap and the barrel ring, and the mag tube is completely screwed in. I keep the mag clamp a little tight, I have not experienced your problem.

I also have an extra 26" barrel, when it is on the gun, I have to back the extended mag tube out by half turn. But with jsut that small adjustment and with the mag clamp, I also have not expericned the problem you described.

May be you just need to make sure the mag tube is all the way in, and I think you should tighten up the mag clamp more than you currenty do.

Good luck.

April 9, 2009, 07:51 PM
Don't ask me why remington does it that way but they do. At the same time the barrel to mag clamp SHOULD keep things together and I have never had issues like this.

If it really bothers you that much before I would go to less capacity get some red locktite figure out where you want everything set, degrease the threads and red-locktite the tube to the flange. Just be sure of what you are doing as you will need heat and force to break the bond of red loctite. If you have any questions use blue instead to hedge your bets.

Again in messing with 870 / 870P's I have never had issues as you describe except for some cruddy tac star mag exstenshions on a buddies gun BUT if you want this is one idea of how to eliminate a variable that is givign you trouble.

April 9, 2009, 08:06 PM
I've heard, purely by heresay keep in mind, that the factory Remington extensions are not that great. Personally, I would suggest looking at the Nordic Components tube (as mentioned before in an earlier post). High quality, durable and lightweight, they are among the best extensions available.

I have never had issues as you describe except for some cruddy tac star mag exstenshions on a buddies gun

TacStar extensions are not great, but they arent all that bad either. I had one on my Benelli SNT for quite some time and it never gave me any problems. However, I do prefer the Nordic Components tube as it is lighter and definately of higher quality. But, I am holding on to the TacStar tube as it makes for a durable back-up, should anything happen to the NC tube.