View Full Version : Wolf 7.63x39 Military Classic w/o red sealant

April 8, 2009, 09:26 PM
Hello. I just got 1000 rds of Wolf Military Classic on gunbroker.com. It doesn't have the red sealant on the primer and case mouth. What gives, and should I even care? The ammo came in the usual boxes of 20 with the cammo pattern. However, I did notice that everything on the box is the same as other Wolf Military Classic except that right under the large Military Classic letters, it doesn't say Mil-Spec like most other Military Classic I see on gunbroker.com. BTW, this is the FMJ 124 gr.

To make things more interesting, if you look on gunbroker.com, it looks like a lot of the black box Wolf does have the red sealant around the case mouth and on the primer. I don't think the black box stuff is advertised as having that. WHAT GIVES? Thanks.

April 9, 2009, 11:20 PM
I haven't bought any black box Wolf ammo since it came with the lacquer sealant on the case, but it did have the red sealant on the case mouth and primer back then. I guess that was back around 2001.