View Full Version : Looking to get some information on a Red Label Shotgun

April 5, 2009, 07:09 PM
Hey guys, I have a friend who is looking to get rid of a shotgun that she won in a raffle. She's had the shotgun for 15 years now and is looking to unload.

The shotgun is a Pheasants Forever Custom Engraved 1 of 1 Ruger Red Label over and under 12 gauge shotgun. The shotgun is engraved in gold, and is a beautiful piece of work, but she has no idea of the value or a good direction to look in while selling it.

Pictures of it can be found at:

Does anyone have a good idea of the item's worth, or does anyone have a good idea of someone she could contact to get some information? Thanks for the help, zac.

April 6, 2009, 07:35 AM
Beautiful wood, IMHO - a nice shotgun, for sure.

The trouble with specialty-engraved/dedicated guns, is that they don't appeal to many potential buyers, who would otherwise be interested in the gun.
In fact, for some potential buyers, the special dedication may be a negative, detracting from it's value in their eyes.

The best potential audience for it would be to market it to members of Pheasants Forever, of course (does the org have a newsletter she can place a classified ad in ?)- but in order to sell it for anything more than another aftermarket engraved Ruger O/U, I would think it best go to an auction site with a world-wide audience, like gun broker.
A buyer will determine it's true value.

I would start the bidding at a little over a standard new Anniversary (factory engraved) Ruger, and set a higher reserve - if only because of the nice wood.