View Full Version : Good Range Finder?

April 4, 2009, 06:55 PM
I'm getting a Tikka T3 lite, 30-06 (should be here soon) I've got a nice Zeiss scope for it. Some good solid scope rings, about 300 rounds of target ammo, and soon I'll order a limbsaver for it.

The last thing I feel I need/want is a good Range Finder... I dont shoot at a pay range, I shoot in national forest. So I have no way of knowing how far away a target is other than measuring it by hand (HAH not in this day and age) or by getting a range finder.

I havent read any reviews or even looked through more than 2-3 different range finders. I'm willing to spend as much a $250 (but $200-300 would be acceptable depending on what I'm getting for the money)

I'd really appreciate some opinions on which range finders are the best for the money, and what type of options I should look for in a Range finder. I think I'll have alot of fun once I get one, eveything from easy measurments of my pistol range, too seeing how far I can lob a .22 and still hit the target, all the way too making attempts at 400 yard targets with my new 06.
Also the added bonus of learning to estimate range on my own

Thanx in advance!