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April 2, 2009, 09:40 PM
if you had to have ONE shotgun setup for taking game - be it in the air or on the ground, what would it be?

i want me a rugged beater gun made for puttin' the goods on the table and made to do it without stopping. ever. i prefer a side by side thats reasonably short and not an arm and a leg.

April 2, 2009, 09:45 PM
Remington's 870 (if you want a pump) or 11-87 (if you want an auto). There are two new models but I have no expirience with them.

Dave McC
April 3, 2009, 04:45 PM

April 3, 2009, 06:52 PM
I'll probably get flamed for this , but here goes anyway...

When I first got into shotgunning, I asked a friend of mine who at the time was very into shotguns. I knew nothing except that we shot the 870 at work with 00 buck and it kicked like crazy. Now almost 20 years later, I know much more and have shot many different shotguns.

We went down to the now defunct Yellow-Mart and looked at my Mossberg 500 combo. It fit the bill perfectly. I could afford it and it also came with another shorter barrel and pistol grip, (which I never used) to use for home defense. It had a double bead sight which I liked too. They also had the screw in chokes in stock that I bought. I could hardly wait for the mandatory 15 day wait. On 9-1 that year on my birthday I would be ready for those speedy dove to be shot from the sky. I took it out and practiced with it and was pretty bad at first. Then 9-1 got there and within the first 1.5 hours I was done with ten birds in the pouch and 7 or 8 that I could not find.

A couple years later I went to a charity auction representing my newly opened computer store and bought a duck club hunt. We went off to the hunt and while I was there I dropped my only shotgun (Mossberg 500) at the time in the lake. I reached down for it and all I could feel was bottom. I dug down and found it in the muck at the bottom. I pulled it out and it was covered in slimey, nasty muck and mud. I swished it under the water and rinsed the crud off it, ejected the three shells and used the only dry spot on my shirt to dry it off and reloaded it and shot a duck. This all took place in less than 5 minutes.

Now, I have a nice Browning Citori, and 870, a winchester pump (I forget the model #) and a few others from the 20s, along with a couple side by sides. When I go dove hunting I use my Citori, but pack my Mossberg for backup. When I shoot clays in the back yard, I use my 500 and my Citori.

So to answer your question about a good combo...I prefer my 500 over my 870. I have downed many dove with an 870. But I still prefer the feel of my 500. You should go to a shop and touchie and feelie them. See how they fit your pocket. My winchester fits awesome and gets on target fast, but I like the double bead from my 500. None of the others have a double bead. My Winchester also jams. I haven't tried the 1897 winchester yet, but I will soon. Maybe next week... After you get a feel for the fit, I went out and tried my friends 870 and a couple others he has. You should do the same. Try an 870. You may like it and it is an awesome choice. I also like where the safety is on the 500 over the 870.

I hope I was able to help. I am no expert by any means, I just have some experience I wanted to relay to you.


Tucker 1371
April 3, 2009, 07:25 PM
Browning 10 ga BPS w/ Mossy Oak

April 3, 2009, 10:01 PM
7 or 8 that I could not find.

Guruatbol: Lead the bird, pull the trigger, follow through, follow the bird to the ground, mark it, don't take away your eyes from the mark unless necesary. Find the bird. Keep hunting and having fun :D

P.S. It's also so much easier with a good dog.

April 3, 2009, 10:25 PM
Well if I were stuck with one shotgun that I didnt need to clean etc I pick a nice single shot break barrel from NEF, Winchester. Its a must to have the auto eject, if you got to pull them out your self..forget it.

April 3, 2009, 10:50 PM
I'd want a drilling. 16g SxS over 7x57