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April 1, 2009, 10:18 PM
My AAC Evolution 9 just arrived at my local dealer and I am being told my BATF paperwork is about 4 weeks away. While I am not new to firearms, this is my first suppressor. It will be going on an H&K USP9 Tactical. I thought I would appeal to the experts and the veterans to lend some assistance.

My questions are:

1. What is the best ammo to use? Are there any brands/types that I should avoid to ensure no damage to the suppressor?

2. Are there any other tips or tricks that you can share that will help to increase my enjoyment of my new purchase and to increase it's longevity?

3. I was told this model can be fired both wet and dry. Can someone explain how "wet" firing works?

4. What are the best practices to maintain it and is there a "break in" period?

I appreciate your help and look forward to whatever discussion these questions may start. I am sure there will be a number of opinions and I look forward to all of them.



David Hineline
April 1, 2009, 11:09 PM
Best ammo 9mm 147grain or heavier plated or jacketed bullets, no cast lead bullets.

Take apart the booster assy and wipe out clean once in a while.

Put water or oil into silencer this is wet, it will smoke or steam like heck and shooting dry is adequate. Will be a bit quieter wet.

April 2, 2009, 12:30 AM
The best ammo is any subsonic that will cycle properly. If you have a choice, then go with what is the most accurate. I use cast 147 grain with 6 grains of Unique for 1050 fps. Even supersonic ammo is not powerful enough to damage the can. The only ways to damage it is to use ammo that tumbles, over heat the can, or shoot it while the can is not properly aligned.

Make sure it is always properly aligned. A baffles strike might only bend the baffles a bit, at worst it will make the guts go down range.

Wet means adding a liquid to the can before shooting. When the liquid (usually water) flashes to vapor, it takes away the latent heat of vaporization, reducing temperature and noise.

I have a form 1 can I made for my Browning HP. I take it apart every few hundred rounds and wipe it down. The cap threads get greased when re-assembled to ensure I can get it apart again. I shoot cast 147 grain bullets, they make a gunky messy. I do not recommend that anyone use cast if they have a sealed can.

I have heard that using a can for a while results in slightly lower noise, but I have no data to support this.


April 3, 2009, 08:15 PM
I use YHM stainless. I clean it about every 200rnds. I have found that is alot easer to clean if I coat the inards with TC borebutter. My friend thinks it's even quiter but I don't know about that. He is a little blind on the subject because he thinks it's cool to have a friend with a suppresor.

Have fun and stay safe!

Willie Lowman
April 4, 2009, 02:11 PM
If you shoot your can wet, only use things that will burn clean or evaporate... water, utrasound gel, that kind of thing.

Don't dip your can in Mtn. Dew. I know it sounds stupid but I have heard of someone ruining a can like that.

April 4, 2009, 04:39 PM
I heard that diet soda works fine in a pinch, but is not better than water and is bound to leave a bit of residue behind.