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March 31, 2009, 10:58 AM
Just curious where I might be able to buy the 870 Police sear and sear spring to increase the trigger pull on my HD 870? Don't want any AD's.

March 31, 2009, 06:47 PM
There is no Police model sear.
The only difference between the Police and other 870 models is the trigger-sear SPRING.

You can order a police model sear spring direct from Remington or from Brownell's:


Be sure to ask for a catalog. It's the best "gun stuff" catalog in the world.

Lee Lapin
March 31, 2009, 07:10 PM
IMHO it doesn't help to seek hardware solutions to what are really software problems. Make it an irrevocable habit to keep your trigger finger in register (that is, out of the trigger guard) on the side of the receiver until it's time to fire. That's the best prevention for NDs.



Scattergun Bob
April 1, 2009, 10:02 AM
A new topic, how refreshing! I would like to comment on this at some length.

1st Both of the previous posters are correct in their parts. The uniqueness of the police flavor of the 870 is that it is exactly the same as other flavors of 870, with the addition of a couple of “special” parts and a increase in quality assurance. One of those is a STRONGER sear spring. Its function is one of departmental liability, not one of improvement to the operation or function.

Mr Lapin suggests to keep your finger in “register” a term that I am not familiar with, however the concept is SOUND. My teaching method is to position everyone’s trigger finger behind the triggerguard resting upon the head of the safety and leaving it there until it is time to remove the safety and shoot. This method has been adopted by many in the “fighting scattergun” community and seems to prevent the need to utter the following words; woops, sorry, I did not mean to do that, how did that happen, etc…….. the list grows longer every year!

To be specific about this point, there is a world of difference between an AD accidental discharge (mechanical) and a ND negligent discharge. I my 30 odd years of servicing, teaching and using the 870 I have been aware of very few AD incidents concerning the 870, most of those are related to dropping the scattergun. On rare occasions a broken firing pin has been at fault. In that same period of time I have witnessed too MANY negligent incidents. The key is that no amount of thickness of wire spring (sear spring) will prevent you from pulling the trigger at an inappropriate time!

25 years ago I published an article in the LEAA review about the full proof safety, I think it is current today as then:

In this day of political searching for the gadget that will render our weapons publicly safe, it is worth the space in this column to revue firearms safety devices. Every small arm in the world’s inventory has two effective safeties;

#1 -The primary safety for every weapon is between the ears of the operator!


#2 -The secondary safety for every weapon is the index finger that presses upon the trigger.

Now to generate letters for next month, Scattergun Bob sez; beyond the primary and secondary safeties, there are no mechanical devices that will render YOUR weapon safe. All mechanical safeties have failed or were defeated by operators.
As an operator within a team we have three primary and substantial goals. To enter and exit the combat envelop with the same amount of holes in our body. To enhance and support the effectiveness of our fellow operators. To apply reasonable force against “the bad guy” and remove him from the fight.
In respect to the second goal, it is of absolute necessity that we deploy weapons within factory tolerances, totally understand their function, and exercise extreme control in their operation. No sheep like bah of “I didn’t know” will justify inadvertent holes in other operators or bystanders. Only constant mental attention and the absolute physical control of our trigger fingers will get that job done. ENOUGH SAID!

I commend you for searching for a SAFE way of operation, I hope using the above concepts will insure that without having to add additional mechanical devices to a already safe scattergun.

Good Luck and BE SAFE

April 3, 2009, 09:13 PM
Thanks for the reply's. I actually did mean sear spring and not the actual sear, my bad. I, as Lee described always make sure I adhere to the four basic rules of firearm safety, so the trigger finger is not on the trigger until the firearm is on target, but thought it wouldn't hurt to have a slightly heavier trigger pull on a HD gun if for no other reason than if I had to ever defend the use of a SG in court, I wouldn't want the opposition's counsel to say I had a hair trigger (boy, that was one long run-on sentence).

April 4, 2009, 08:09 PM
It's hard to fault you for going with what the police use.

Most people want to go the other way and get as light a trigger as possible. No one will complain that you made the trigger too heavy and DIDN'T shoot someone by accident.

Safety procedures always apply, but a heavier trigger can't hurt.

April 8, 2009, 08:29 PM
Well, ordered and received a new 870 Police sear spring, carrier dog spring, and mag. spring from Remington (for all of $10!), and installed them this evening. The SG functions perfectly, and the install was super easy. The trigger pull is heavier but smooth as the 870 was purchased very used and broken in (Police trade-in for $169).