View Full Version : Winchester 1911SL

March 25, 2009, 10:29 AM
I know there are some old threads on this antique, and I've read them. But I just picked one up before Christmas and there are a number of oddities I was wondering about. It is an early manufacture, probably 1912 or 1913 time frame (A112XX S/N)

First, there are Belgian proof marks on the barrel. Did Winchester have some parts manufactured abroad or could this have been exported. I'm not real familiar with the proof marking of firearms, other than being able to identify them and compare to a reference chart.

Second, it looks like it was after-market worked on as there is a rubber but pad and sling swivels. Obviously, anything is possible in the nearly 100 year life of this thing. Could the swivels have been placed there for military use (WWI) and this also be the reason for Belgian proof marks?

I know it's a long shot since these were not very popular shotguns, but the history of the piece is part of the owning/collecting/shooting enjoyment.