View Full Version : Marlin 1894SS in .44 Magnum

March 22, 2009, 12:07 PM
I am in the process of working up a load for this rifle . Before I can do that I have a loading problem that I "may" have fixed but I am looking for better help . The rounds that I loaded were .44Mag SWC at 1.610 or a bit less . For some reason when I try to put them into the tube they very often come to a dead stop . Just looking at the round it would seem that it is too long . It's almost like there is a brick wall in there . Sometimes it's the second round , maybe the third round etc. . My buddy gave me some reloads at 1.625 . Some fed well and some jammed just like mine . I tried Leverevolutions that measured 1.645 . Some fed well and some stopped cold .
Soooo last night I took the spring assy out (for like the 5th time in 2 weeks) and the tube is smooth . At the end of the spring there is an orange piece of plastic on which the round will press as it's inserted . Inside of the orange plastic was a small washer about in the middle of it where the end of the spring seemed to contact . The spring is pretty long and strong so I'm thinking that the spring is twisting a bit and "balling up" and putting pressure on the side of the tube causing a jam .
So I remover the little washer and re-assembled the rifle . I then put ten rounds into the tube with virtually no problem . Even some rounds I got in a trade that were 1.655 so length seemed to NOT be the problem . As I looked at the exploded view of the disassembly portion of this rifle on the Marlin web site there is NO little washer in the little orange "thingy". Perhaps it just got in there by accident during assy or it's so much of a small part it is not addressed by view or part number .
BTW the spring gets smaller at both ends . My buddy says that perhaps the spring is supposed to "screw" into the washer in the orange "thingy" so as to hold it straighter .
Looking for guidance .