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stevegun 1
March 21, 2009, 06:42 PM
I was recently given a Sterling Arms Top Break Pistol to price for Widow who's a friend of mine. It came as a .357/.38 10" hexigon taget barrel with the factory box. the Pistol is in 95%+ condition with a very high luster blue finish. Also included are a 44 Magnum 10" hexigon and a 10" round Bull barrel in 22LR. All the barrels have what appears as the same outer diameter, which even in the 44 could easily be descibed as Heavy! From the condition of the bores it appears that none of them saw many rounds.

I was able to find very little about this single shot other than the history of the company, E&R manufacturing's involvement and Ithica's manufaturing of 800 in .22LR in 1983 after E&R closed Sterling's doors with Ithica's promise of a 44 that never came.

At this time a Sterling Single Top Break with three barrels seems very rare but I hope someone can help me determine this and suggest a far asking price.

I'm not interested in any further company "background" not stated above at this point. Only enough info to suggest to her a fair asking price.

Thank you all in advance for any help provided, Steve

March 21, 2009, 11:43 PM
The Sterling X Model X Caliber. Well, they are not common but even so they don't command a great deal of attention. I can only give you the book value, the real value is how much someone wants it. Remember the book value is not what you would get at a gun store. they will offer normally around 60 per cent of book. It's not even listed in the Blue Book, but the Standard Catalog of firearms list it at 300 in excellent with no mention of the extra barrels. The last copy of Gun Digest of Gun Values I have lists it at 175 at excellent. I think the value is somewhere in between. 200 to 250 for the gun and one barrel. and 25 for rim fire barrel and 50 for extra center fire barrel 275 to 375 for the kit and caboodle. This only a guess on my part. Perhaps someone has more current information. Again this is what you might receive if it's sold by you. If you sell it to a shop you will receive much less.

stevegun 1
March 22, 2009, 05:58 PM
RJay, thank you your kind reply. I'll wait to hear from others as we saw one with only the 44 barrel go at auction for $600 +. Steve