View Full Version : Winchester 97 variations

David Berkowitz
March 12, 2009, 01:51 AM
I have two Winchester 97 takedown models and I would like to know something more about them, such as year made and if there were sub models that would account for the differences.
If you need to redirect me to another site that has this information, that is fine. I wasn't able to find anything in a google search but I'm open.
The serial on the first is 622XXX and has an E above it. It has a heavier and thicker forearm that is wider on the bottom, the hammer is longer, the stock is much thicker in the grip area, and seems "beefier" in general.
The other is 981XXX, also with an E above it, seems lighter overall, has "Winchester 97" on the slide, and the barrel has a series of patent numbers.
They both have full chokes. I am probably measuring from the wrong place, but one has a barrel length of 29 inches and the other is 31.
I don't think either has collector value but I'm looking for why these have differences. The 981XXX is a reblued parts gun but the wood is great. The older is in great mechanical shape but has a small repaired crack in the end of the stock. The bluing is mostly gray. Neither has any rust at all.