View Full Version : 17th b'day party

March 11, 2009, 11:09 AM
G'day Davo here just want to tell a story bout my b'day party last year.Paint-ball well I have been out on many times but dad has not .We had talked it up a fer bit because Skulls has years of shooting on me, and has been a good aim with the .22 .We got out to the range,and spit into teams .I had 2 of my best mates that are OK at the game, and dad had 3 of my school friends with him .Very 1st round (catch the flag) 2 hits you are out .Well I flanked of to the right as Sean wing-man went to the left and Ben runner went to the flag .I ran as far down the junk yard(old cars and tyres) as I can, and found my self on a right angle to dad .Got my gun sighted in and started to shoot at my old man just as i hit him in the leg, best felling ever shooting my own dad .watched my dad walk back to Base to re-start the game as u have 2 life's and need to re-set .In the mean time dad has returned to the same spot were I had shoot him so, I let out some more spray and got a head shoot this time.Lol on the ground shooting at the rest of the team as they re-start the game .Well my team lose but it was nice to know that dads very 1st time paint balling was a hit (twice by myself, his own son.) not much to talk about after that, Skulls had 5 odd scars from the day I had 12 every 1 ells from the day combined 300 odd.Yes so that is it for know I will try and get some photos on here soon.:):cool: