View Full Version : Kimber Classic Target II

March 9, 2009, 11:43 PM
I have had this Pistol for almost a Year now and It is a accurate gun that I love too shoot. To try and save money I do reload, Unless It is a almost max load the gun has problems loading the next round in the magazine. I dont know were to start to help the gun be more dependable. I checked today and even factory ammo will not drop from the chamber if inserted and pushed tightly with thumb pressure. On my reloads, the
round I have fewest ftf is 8.3 of AA#5 with 200grn SWC. I dont know how to approach the problem, would a weaker recoil spring help, does the chamber need to be reamed? I think I am buying quality aftermarket Magizines. I dont know of a reliable 1911 gunsmith, in my area to guide me. I would like the input of the forum members here, to help me decide how to approach this problem.