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March 6, 2009, 10:21 PM
for your last shotgun purchase?

Assume the shotgun model you last purchased wasn't available, what would you have bought? For my last, I'd been looking for a Winchester Model 12; but, a buddy made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a NIB Remington 1100 he'd won in a raffle.

March 6, 2009, 10:23 PM
I would say a person could NEVER go wrong with buying a Remington 870 express, Regardless of what he/she really wanted. Good choice with the 1100. What did you give for it?

March 6, 2009, 10:38 PM

PM sent

Scattergun Bob
March 7, 2009, 12:06 AM

I have a story for you. As you know I went back to work "if you call working in a gun store, real work" a few months back. My portfolio is in the dumper, as most are and the cash smooths the edges.

So, last Friday I was sitting at the counter and a regular customer comes in toting a long gun case and says he has a trap gun to consign. Not being a trap man, I was not fully paying attention. He then proceeds to whip out a Remington 870 competition Trap gun with a stunning piece of wood "perhaps the best grain and luster I have ever seen on a 870" perfect blue AND gold inlaid 50th anniversary scroll and shield on the left side of the receiver!!!! Pete it is a 99.9999% gun.

Now Pete, I am addicted to 870's "rather like being addicted to Redheads" and I already own too many, but this bright and beautiful honey just laid there on the counter and said "hay, big boy, I'm available!"

Each day this week I have got out the oil rag and had my way with her, and polished the wood with bees wax, thinking about how to convert this gun into something I could use. Maybe a 24" upland game barrel, maybe drink the kool-aid and become a Trap shooter, no no.

So, a follow up question to yours is " How does one stop from buying a gun that he knows will never fit in." So far I have resisted, it is the adult thing to do, but it sure is pretty! My mo-mo boss isn't helping, every morning he asks me, "Bob, what to you thing of that Remington" with a rather sinister little smile!

In great pain and about to cave in:eek:.

My best to you, Bob

March 7, 2009, 01:14 AM
Scattergun Bob

So, my friend, when is that sweet looking 870 going home with you? You can tell folks that you're keeping it for your old age when all you'll be able to shoot is trap. ;)

Years ago, one of the gun club's regular traders approached me with, "Pete, you're a Perazzi guy -- check out his one." He opens a case and there's the prettiest little SC3 skeet gun you ever saw: crisp custom engraving, up-graded wood, gold internal parts, etc. It makes my Mirage skeet gun look like a Plain Jane.
As I put the gun to my shoulder, my buddy, also a Perazzi shooter, who'd been next to me the whole time commented, "I sure hope it fits you. 'Cause if it doesn't , I gotta have it and I can't afford it right now."

Regards, Pete

March 7, 2009, 02:29 AM
I would say a person could NEVER go wrong with buying a Remington 870 express

+1 to that!

My last purchase was about a month ago. I went in looking for a used Remington 870 Express 12 gauge. The only one they had with a short barrel was an old, abused, rusty 870 Express Super Magnum. It had been a longer barrel but someone had taken a hacksaw to it at the 18.75" mark. I walked out with it and now I have the custom built HD gun I wanted with the addtional option of shooting 3.5" shells. I don't have any plan on shooting those monsters other than to make sure she feeds, fires, and ejects them without any problems, but it is nice to have the option.

She's not perfect, but I impressed myself for my first project gun. Here's how she came out after a new stock, forend, finish, evening out the end of the barrel, and sights:


Scattergun Bob
March 7, 2009, 10:12 AM
Why your no help at all!:)

Guess if it stays in the shop until next Friday, payday, it will have a new home;). I've never had a gold inlaid gun, guess that means I have to check the weather report, afore I take her out!

My Best To You, Bob

March 7, 2009, 01:05 PM
Bob, you know we're no help - and you ought to buy that gun...

Well, lets see:

the last gun I bought was a Benelli Super Sport - used 12ga ( I already had another Super Sport 12ga ) ..... I just bought it as a backup / and sold it to a friend last week. What would I have bought instead .... probably nothing. I don't like the gas operated semi-autos because they cycle slow, shoot dirty, and too much gas going by my glasses.

The last Over Under I bought was a Browning XS Skeet ( 28ga and a .410 ) I bought the pair. If those were not available - I was considering having Briley make me up a Carrier Barrel for my 12ga Browning XS Skeet - and fitting it with full length tubes for 20ga, 28ga and .410 .

March 7, 2009, 08:31 PM
I was considering having Briley make me up a Carrier Barrel for my 12ga Browning XS Skeet - and fitting it with full length tubes for 20ga, 28ga and .410 .
Not a bad idea. I'm guessing your .410 scores would be higher with the tube gun over the dedicated .410.
Humm... You could deal the old .410 to Bob so he could do some small gun skeet after he's done the day's trap shooting with his new anniversary 870. ;)

March 7, 2009, 10:11 PM
Scattergun: I sure know what you mean, there are more good portfolios in the dumpster any more than good hulls. Trust me, I know of what I speak. Now we ALL KNOW you are part timing it at a gun store just to pick up some cherries, c'mon.. admit it. :D

March 7, 2009, 10:20 PM
So, now that we know Bob is gonna buy that 870..........:D.

(you know you have to, right?)

My last one wasn't really an either or proposition.

I had a Ruger .22 in the safe that I hadn't shot nearly as much as I had planned to when I bought it. Saw this mutt of an 870 Wingmaster advertised on the local forum for trade for a .22LR pistol. Well, the rest is history.

I've changed a few parts out, and it's still a mutt, but it is a nice one........

I actually considered listing it for sale here recently to fund a new handgun purchase. Then I came to my senses.....

The one before that, I was looking to pick up another loaner gun for the nephews to hunt with. Seemed I found myself a shotgun short when gun deer season started last Nov. I happened to be in a walmart that still sold guns and decided a new scattergun was coming home with me.

I looked over the Mossberg 500, 835, and 935 in the case but settled on...........yep.......an 870 express........:D. One of my nephews broke it in good during deer season. He missed a lot......

I already had a 500 and 835 at home and really didn't feel the need for another 3.5" gun anyway.......

Scattergun Bob
March 8, 2009, 10:11 AM
Thanks for all the help folks, truth told, I think one of my shooting buddies is going to save me and buy the beauty on Monday.

Ruger4570, unfortunately its 36 hrs a week, no 1/2 measure for me.:( It is a candy store and I smile going to work most every day.

.410, nope I need more shot!!!!!! them skeets are tough old critters, .410 don't seem to phase them most of the time:D.

Good Luck and be safe

March 8, 2009, 05:27 PM

you might be right - but I doubt a new gun would change my scores too much these days - with these eye problems getting worse.

But I could sell that .410 to Bob - but he would just want to figure out a way to shoot .45 LC in it ...

Scattergun Bob
March 8, 2009, 08:23 PM
Don't know about 45 LC, but that new zoomie Remington sabot slug stuffed into a .410 hull might be intresting, can't quite figure out what the holes in the nosecone are for, but it sure looks "tacticacool:eek:.


March 9, 2009, 12:03 AM
IF you guys are like me you love to see what other people are shooting peep this site great thread full of people posting their shotguns.

http://www.ar15.com/lite/topic.html?b=6&f=1&t=203798&page=1 GREAT pictures, some people are very creative with their h/d shotguns

Well the shotgun I would love to get is anything semi auto. Either a classic wood stock 24''+ barrel. any brand for a classic looking one will do
semi auto with a retratable stock and a 18'' barrel.Beretta 1201FP, Mossberg 930 SPX .just an example

1) I currently have a 12 gage ithica with a 28'' barrel
2) 12 gage mossberg 500 with a retractable stock 18'' barrel

hope you guys enjoy those pics as much as I did.. cheers!

March 9, 2009, 03:20 AM
im looking for a remington 1100 or 11-87, but the hunt got put ont he back burner for a little bit due to a Ar lower purchase :D

March 9, 2009, 11:49 PM
I had been looking for a Stevens 5000 or 5100 in 16 ga when I ran across a deal on an Rem 1100 16 ga in excellent shape. It's an older model (1965) with a light contour barrel and fixed mod choke, 26in just like I prefer and the price was right. It's a perfect match to the 12 ga, 26in vent rib Rem 1100 my grandfather gave me in high school, and will do until I get my 16ga SXS. It's the wife's gun now, so I guess it's a permanent addition to the collection. Worse things have happened :D.

March 10, 2009, 01:10 AM
I hate to say this but once I decide that I want a certain firearm, I will not waver from that quest. I will keep two to three on the list but not purchase number two until I have number one. It saves me a lot of money up until I find number one, two and three at the same time in the same place. My current list has an SxS 410 as the number one firearm.

March 10, 2009, 04:02 AM
I walked into the gunstore looking to buy a Mossberg 500. After handling both the Mossberg, I decided to check out the Remington 870 before I made the deal. The 870 mounted to my shoulder better, and it simply felt more solid. The Mossberg rattled a bit and none of the parts seemed to fit all that well; it almost felt like a toy. So I ended up with the Remington instead.

Now, I don't think I'd have been all that worse off if I had gotten the Mossberg, but I simply have an expectation as to how a gun should feel in my hands. Probably comes from using my dad's guns until I was 20, and he doesn't have a single gun made after 1980 or so, with the vast majority of them being made sometime before the 1950s.

March 10, 2009, 06:27 AM
I purchased a Browning BT-99 with a 32" barrel last year because I got a really good deal on it. It's great, although I really was looking for the 34" model.

March 11, 2009, 11:03 AM
The 870 mounted to my shoulder better, and it simply felt more solid.

Some folks prefer Fords, some Chevys and others don't chose until after a test drive. Aren't you glad you took a little time to check out the R-870?

March 11, 2009, 08:37 PM
My other choice would have been the ATI Safir classic in stead of the compact version. Either way I was going to end up with a Safir, I would not have accepted any other option.

March 11, 2009, 08:41 PM
Bought a Remington 870 7 shot synthetic

Other choice would've been a Mossberg 500 persuader 6 shot.

March 12, 2009, 01:03 AM
Some folks prefer Fords, some Chevys and others don't chose until after a test drive. Aren't you glad you took a little time to check out the R-870?




I did the same thing when I went to buy myself a rifle. I was planning on getting a Savage 110 variant, but ended up with a Remington 700 SPS. Again, the Savage felt a little cheap, while the Remington felt solid. It also had a longer and slightly thicker barrel, which was something that appealed to me (particularly since I was getting an '06).


I didn't start out liking Remington all that much, but I can't seem to stop buying their stuff after I've handled it...