View Full Version : Scratch from holster question

March 6, 2009, 06:23 PM
I just got a Crossbreed Qwikclip holster and after using it only once there are some scratches in the finish on my USP. The scratches are on the kydex side of the holster. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anyway to remove the scratches without refinishing the gun? Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this in the future?

I thought about lining the inside of the kydex with a think piece of felt possibly. Anybody think that would work?

March 6, 2009, 07:49 PM
Is the holster leaving marks or actually scratching the finish?

I have a slew of Crossbreed kydex/leather hybrid holsters (supertuck deluxes). I don't get scratches on my guns, but the kydex can leave a black mark that you can wipe off rather easily - it's more prevalent on my stainless P239.

March 7, 2009, 10:26 AM
I guess it isn't a scratch. When I first saw it I tried to wipe it off to no effect. I just tried again and it wiped away. Kinda odd but oh well. Thanks for the response.