View Full Version : Marlin model 80DL problems?

March 5, 2009, 11:13 PM
I was given my old neighbors Marlin 80DL to replace the firing pin. It was clearly shortened at the end! I ordered ta replacement from Numeriches and all went well in replacing that. Next to the original, the new one is about 1/16" longer and protrudes quite well now when the bolt is tripped. I cleaned all the internals of the bolt and re-assembled it. I loaded a few rounds into the mag and they were SUPER hard chambering. I noticed some crud in the chamber area and cleaned that area again. I finally got it chambering smooth and tried it out......thud, no bang, thud, no bang! It's hitting the case fairly hard, but not on the edge. It's just inside the edge, not hitting the primer rim? I noticed the magazine was a little floppy so I sent that little arm to tighten the mag up so it seated tighter into the magwell (I had one act up on me once for that very reason and it fixed all my dud fires instantly when I tightened the mag fit up) Not this time. I'm getting a sporadic fire and the firing pin hit that goes off is definately more towards the edge than the missfires. The chamber has a little spring loaded ramp type piece on the upper part of it. I spray cleaned this out very well so the piece actually springs up/down like it's supposed to. That made it chamber alot easier now, but no help in the firing pin strikes. I thought about ordering a bolt head, thinking maybe this ones worn and letting the round slide too far upward, causing the firing pin to miss the edge? Any thoughts on that idea?

Is anyone familiar with this action and this problem? I hate to tell him it's gunsmith time. It's an OK piece, but probably not worth smithing costs? Thanks

March 6, 2009, 01:21 AM
Well, that's weird. Place a fired case in the chamber and try to wiggle it left, right, and up and down. If it doesn't move far enough to account for the firing pin miss (it shouldn't) that's not the issue. Instead, you want to first look at the old and the new firing pins to check the profiles match and that the new pin's strike is coming to the right position in the bolt face, and tht it is not being pushed sideways. Then check how loose the bolt itself is in the bolt tunnel of the receiver? Can it wiggle far enough to account for the problem? If so, and it is worn, you may need to replace it? Some bolt guns can be shimmed to push the bolt to one side or the other.

March 6, 2009, 08:09 AM
Well, there definately isn't any wiggle in the chamber. They actually are very snug going in and vry snug fully chambered. This rifle has the newer style bolt with the stamped one piece collar type extractor and it's badly worn, I my need to replace it. I can remove it and bend it in and make it work, but it only works for a few rounds, it goes right back to the non-working state. I thougth maybe that's the problem....maybe it's letting the bolt move up and down since it isn't gripping the rim as it's supposed to. This rifle doesn't appear to hav seen much use at all.

When I ordered the firing pin, they had two types...one for old style and one for the new style. The gun has the new style bolt and firing pin, so that;s what I ordered. The firing pin I got did not match 100%, but all the contact parts are exactly the same, the diameters are exactly the same, the length inside the bolt head channel is exactly the same. The only real difference is the original is completely round on the rear where the rear firing pin strikes it and the new one has a flat surface on one edge. It doesn't move around in the channel or anything though. I thought maybe the old style bolt head may have a flat inside for the two piece extractor, whereas the new style is a one piece collar type and doesn't require the space to be utilized inside the bolt head. As far as the firing pin hole. It really can't move. The hole for it to sit in has no room for movement. The only possibility is the bolt is moving on the rim, I think or the bolt hea is won so the rim just doesn't sit in the right place. I'm not giving up yet. Wish I knew where I could try another bolt to see what's wrong without ordering all the parts!