View Full Version : My first Over/Under, mechanical question. Please help!

March 5, 2009, 05:31 PM
I just got a Stoeger Condor O/U 12 gauge. It's my first over under and I am getting used to how it works. I have shot them before many times, but it has been awhile. I was wondering...

Why can't I shoot both shells without working the safety from S to F in between shots?

Also, I bought it used for cheap, it's in great condition, but now I am wondering if the safety coming on in between shots is a problem that's in need of a fix

Thanks a lot for the help.

March 5, 2009, 08:28 PM
The safety should reset after opening the shotgun, not between shooting the first and second barrels. Condors are notorious for broken safety springs, contact Stoeger.

March 5, 2009, 08:55 PM
darn. oh well, for the price I paid I guess it'll be ok. I go talk to the gunsmith, thanks for the input.