View Full Version : 2 questions about benelli's m4

March 3, 2009, 10:51 PM
what is the status of the ban/rule concerning no pistol grip on a sg with a shell capacity higher than 5? is this just for auto's? does it apply only before or afte a certain date? my second question reffers to the different model designations of the m4. one of them is made with a heavier gauge bbl. i think it's the one with the factory installed choke. is it the 1014? i can't seem to find a running chart listing the evolution of these models. 1014...11707...etc. it would be great to know the differences in them all(if any) and the order in which they evolved. i have not been able to find answers on benelli's forum. well not completely. believe me i tried. information concerning these questions is sparatic at best. I'll thank you in advance for now.