View Full Version : Recommendations for mounting lights on mossberg 590s

March 2, 2009, 10:42 PM
I have two and I'm needing a practical, efficient way to see in the dark, if ever that need arose. Once I get both guns well broken in and have replaced the springs and shell follower, i'll be in the market for light accessories.

whats a good way. i know i could have the bayo lug grinded and use a surefire, but thatl be like 350 bucks. any cheaper ways to mount lights with heavy duty clamping or some kind of rail option? something in which the recoil of a 3 inch magnum wouldnt kill the light! please be specific because it seems like theres a million options out there.

March 2, 2009, 10:52 PM
There are cheaper offerings I have seen posted here but here is my take on lights...
If I need light I may as well flip on a switch and light the whole room. a beam of light does not insure you have "cleared" the room to know how many BG's/critters you have to worry about. You also give up a large level of stealth if you have a light on the gun.
On the flip side you can train in darkness starting with no gun to learn the lay out PERFECTLY. Also train your brain to trust your eyes. Out side lighting provides just enuff ambient light to work from....
This, of course, is only my opinion and your mileage may vary!
Good luck either way...

March 8, 2009, 01:00 AM
You will likely know your own house better than any would be invader. IMO, a light looks cool on a shotgun in the light... It also makes you an easier target in the dark. I think sitting still and listening/looking for movement may be the best way to "get rid" of a threat. I think.. Too many gadgets and gizmos attached to a weapon tend to turn it more into a terminator movie prop and less into a serious defensive weapon. Keep it simple, focus on the task, learn to point the gun (working on that myself).

March 8, 2009, 01:05 AM
I agree too many gadgets on a gun is ridiculous. the only one i really do believe in is a light and MAYBE a spare aluminum shell holder. the reason i want the light is because id hate to NOT have one if i needed one you know? if it was just my house in a survival scenario, id feel adequate without a light, but who knows what the setting will be if that time ver comes? i definitely dont feel outgunned by not having a light on my shotguns at the moment but id prefer one over not. as for making you an easier target, youre right - thats why im looking for a creative way to put a sensor on or do something akin to the surefire control without having to put their forend on my gun as i prefer the stock one. if i had a light that didnt have momentary on/off control at the touch of my forehand control id be very reluctant to use it unless absolutely positively necessary

March 8, 2009, 05:55 AM
My home defense, "tactical" shotgun has two things on it; a side saddle and a Laserlyte tri-rail attached to the mag tube which has a Surefure G2 attached to it.

I beg to differ in "flipping the switch and lightng the whole house. At least with a light like a Surefire, you are projecting all of the light forward.

March 8, 2009, 09:37 AM
Rob, I mean the wall light switch... If I can't get the job done secretly in darkness I would rather have a hundred watt overhead... the only one surprised when the light comes on is the BG...

March 8, 2009, 09:56 AM