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March 2, 2009, 11:36 AM
ive posted this on here before and no one seems to be able to answer me. i need to get my magazine tube off of my mossberg 500. the spring keeps jamming and i want to get it apart to take a look at it. ive tried every thing to try to unscrew this damned thing, still no luck. i was soo frustrated i decided to take the bast*rd to a local gunsmith. heard good things about him so i was optimistic. i dont know if it was because i am a 20 yr old kid who came into his shop in a ski jacket and he didnt like my look, or something. but he ripped me off. maybe if i came in with my carhart overalls and grew out my beard he would have actually tried. he didnt believe me when i said it was stuck. just looked at me with disgust like i was a moron. regretfully i left it there to be worked on. so when i got there to pick it up he said he took it apart and cleaned it and it was fine. i was in a rush so i didnt check it but after i got home i cycled through only 5 shells and it got jammed again. i looked at it, tube still stuck on he had only dripped oil down into it and gave it back to me after charging me $10, which is a lot for a college kid who lives off that much a week. like i didnt try to oil it 100times before?? needless to say i was heated. i will never take anything to be worked on by anyone ever again.
so to the point...any ideas how i can take it off?

March 2, 2009, 11:50 AM
Tool to use...
I also suggest several minutes to several days with PB Blaster sprayed on the area both inside the receiver and from front...
Available at any auto parts house... 2-3 times the price of WD-40 but a tiny burst is plenty and will last most folks longer then the propellant at which time I pierce can and drain into glass jar...
a light tapping with soft white rubber mallet to receiver, sides of mag tube and from front end of tube to jostle and "ring" the metal allowing the PB to soak in...
If this fails to work I would put the receiver/mag tube in oven at 250-300 degrees, pull out and "shock" cool the tube to shrink it...
If all else fails a new tube can be bought and old one cut down and "peeled" out. But that is most risky and last ditch effort!
Once out use anti seize.
Also available at the auto parts house. and the bottle shown in my link will last most shade tree mechanics a lifetime so 5 lifetimes for most gun owners...
PM me if you need and I will call you and discuss in person if needed.

March 2, 2009, 11:52 AM
One thing I left out... FULLY dissasemble first, removing stocks. Removing stocks to avoid damage from chemicals and/or heat and action out to make access to easier...

March 2, 2009, 11:59 AM
thanks for the rapid response hogdogs. ive tried the strap but never combined with PB. cant beleive i didnt think about that. my family lives and dies by pb blaster so i got lots of it around. ill give that a try next time im home.
thanks a lot