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March 2, 2009, 10:07 AM
while browsing ebay looking at parts for muzzleloaders. i came across an add for a senica .36. it was for the stock and lock.. it sold for 425.00 :eek: so i searched his other auctions and there was the barrel .. well on its way to being over 300.00 . so the question.. are these rifles realy worth that much.. or did this guy realy want one. no matter what the cost.. i have one i got my wife about 12 years ago for her birthday.. its a prety gun and shoots good.. but i think the cva squirrel rifles i have will outshoot it anyday of the week.. so just wondering.

shawn .

March 2, 2009, 11:43 AM
or did this guy realy want one.

Obviously and there are quite a number of folks that just plain love these little guys. However, to most, they really not worth this kind of money. I have two and always have room for one more but I'm not going to hold my breath. Back in the 80's when I could have bought a new one, I didn't. Then waited 20+ years for my .45 and found my .36 this past year. Given that, I would not pay the kind of money but am sure there are some who would. The older ones are more desireable. Does yours have Seneca stamped on the barrel?
but i think the cva squirrel rifles I have will outshoot it anyday of the week.. so just wondering.
Would not doubt that but still not as desireable as most other side-locks. Early CVA's were good little rifles. Last year I passed on a Penn. Squirrel Rifle for $125.00.

Would also add that, sadly, the day is coming when the only side-locks you will be able to find new, will only be available from custom shops. Good side-locks will always have a following. !!!! :)

Good luck to you and as always;
Be Safe !!!

March 2, 2009, 12:33 PM
ya. gwyns says senica on the side of the barrel. i would love to get the 45 barrel to go with it. but not going to hold my breath on that. i have had a cva squirrel for a number of years .. and just this last week picked up another on in left hand since all the members of my family are lefthanded but me. love those little guns.. for gwyns big bore gun. she shoots a TC renigade in .50. and it is a left handed gun..


March 2, 2009, 02:09 PM
Your Seneca is a later model. The earlier ones had little or no stamping such as warning information, name and stuff that didn't need to be on there. The Senecas have very distinctive looks and classic lines. This is true for the Hawken Style models. Some Sencas had some beautify wood in them as well. I'll bet that the one you saw listed, was an earlier model ..... ;)

Be Safe !!!!