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February 15, 2009, 04:12 PM
Their is two Appleseed shoots in March in Georgia. One in Hinesville on March 7-8 and the other in Toccoa on March 14-15. Why dont you come out shoot, have fun, and possibly even learn a thing or two about shooting and/or American history? You will not find a more exciting and productive way to spend a weekend, I can assure you that! No matter what your current shooting level you will learn and bring away something from a Appleseed shoot. Its beneficial for complete newbies to expert rifleman. Cost is $45 a day or $70 for the whole weekend if you pre-register, but wait, women, children, and current military shoot for free! Both locations support both centerfire and rimfire rifles so bring what yah got, heck preferably bring both! Toccoa will even offer the opportunity to shoot out to 300yds. Hope to see you all their!

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