View Full Version : My First Ever Range Report... Sorta

February 9, 2009, 05:19 AM
So i took the USP out for the first time today... All we had to shoot at was a metal target that "poorherker" made, it's a round bar with little squares hanging off that spin when you hit them... (he's using it as a brace in the picture, he has the spotting scope not the rifle) So after he got done sighting in his new 30.06 i decided to send some brass down toward his target (A jar on a tree-stump 127 yards out) with him looking through the scope, i fired 8 shots and hit the stump with 4... (what do you think? is that pretty good or can anyone with a pistol hit a 2'X4' stump at that far?) Then i shot at the close home-made target (The squares are probably 3"X3" and were about 15-20 yards out.. not positive, we didn't measure that one.) I fired off ten rounds with no stopping and hit 5 or 6 times... I hit the targets everytime if i paused and re-aimed!!!! i'm hoping to get some human shaped targets so i can show you guys some groups.. Anyway The reason this is in Tactics and Training is because i know i've got the potential to shoot better, but i yank the trigger instead of applying pressure... I get impatient. And my left eye ALWAYS waters, and i don't know how/when to correct for distance or wind (Or even if i need to for a .40 cal pistol)

SO my questions are

1) How can i train myself to ALWAYS be more patient and wait for the "squeeze" instead of popping off rounds? Will this wear off after a few trips to the gravel pit?

2) I wear glasses, How can I keep my eyes from watering?

February 9, 2009, 06:44 PM
Also, what distances do you seasoned vets reccomend i shoot?

February 10, 2009, 12:40 PM
work on focusing on the front sight...press a little...focus...press a little...focus...until you are 'surprised' by the shot. let the process take 30 seconds if you want...but focus and press, focus and press...this will help immensely with any 'flinch' or 'look up to see where the bullet went' issues.

as far as range goes...i rarely practice pistol past 10 yards. there is not much need for me to shoot past that distance... normally i shoot at 3/5/7 yards and work on smooth draw and fire.

February 10, 2009, 09:58 PM
Cool, I think my problem is waiting. I'm not worried about the shot, It's just that when i'm sitting there squeezing the trigger i'm thinking "if this were Life and Death i'd be dead, this is taking forever" so I rush it, and it turns into a yank not smooth pressure. I guess i'm trying to run before i crawl. Thanks alot! I'm very thankful for your help.

chris in va
February 11, 2009, 06:54 AM
And you're right. I have a hunch your 40 isn't a target pistol, but what's called a 'combat' firearm. Too many people stand there at the range, focus on the front sight and try to hit a bullseye. Sorry but when you're fighting for your life or someone elses, a quick COM string is what's necessary.

I'd focus on that instead. Trigger control is a very good thing but I see these nifty polymer guns being slow fired all the time and I wonder if people really think they'll do that when a BG is headed toward them, knife in hand, 20' away.:confused: