View Full Version : Evil Black Target

February 8, 2009, 09:05 PM
Today my friend and I went to Cabela's and came back with a "Caldwell Shooting Gallery"
This thing should be banned by most states. It facilatates repeditive shooting and induces fun.
It has the ability to train a novice 22lr shooter into a casuel one.
Combined with a supressed handgun and preloaded clips it could help you to find some form of happyness. Everyone knows that you only have the right to persue happyness, finding it is still not recognized by our courts.
We know that it is EVIL because it depleted our 22 ammo cash at an alarming rate.
Warn your friends and family, and pray tha it doesn't get to The Peoples Republic of California. Those poor slobs cant be trusted with something like this.