View Full Version : Looking for a good SA Test

February 6, 2009, 09:10 PM
I saw a GREAT one posted in a previous thread some time ago, but i don't remember which thread or by whom, but it was a link to youtube and you had to count how many times a basketball was passed between people in white shirts, while people in black shirts passed an identical ball all in a big moving cluster... And at the end it askes you if you've counted "X" amount of passes and... well you can view the rest for yourself... but i'm looking for more or other ways to hone and test my SA while i have down time at work... (I run and maintain servers and websites for credit unions nationwide so i'm on the computer all day) any good links?

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February 7, 2009, 08:39 AM
Watch every single video you can of real people who got hurt, got in a fight, got shot, shot someone, etc. YouTube is great for that, and if work won't let you go there, then other sites are available, I just wish I could remember them. Just watch the videos again and again. See what the people were doing right, what they were doing wrong. How could they have avoided these situations? Could they have done anything better?

You'll be suprised how next time you're at the mall you'll notice some of the smaller things about people. Like who has to hold their basketball shorts up because they have something really heavy in the pocket, and many other things.

There are other things such as guess the CCW that people do, but since you're on a computer most of the time and probably don't see that many people the videos are what I would suggest.