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January 30, 2009, 06:09 PM
Robar is right down the street from me, and I'm about ready to have my XD customized a bit. I want to make sure I get my order of operations down correctly though.

I've got a bi-tone XD9 with 4" barrel.

I'm interested in the following services from Robar:
-lighten the trigger
-decrease the reset distance
-install tritium sights of my choice
-grip modification to bring palm up higher into the backstrap, reducing bore height
-barrel feed ramp polishing (though I haven't had any problems so far)

Here's the rub: I want to get a suppressor for this pistol, which means I need a new, longer barrel, that is threaded. Should I get this first before starting with Robar on his customizations? How much longer of a barrel do I need for a suppressor to be properly installed? Will the added barrel length interfere with concealed carry of this pistol, which I currently do about 75% of the time?

Do I have to choose my suppressor before geting the barrel, to match the threading at all?

While my current stock of practice ammo is all FMJ, I will be "economizing" on LRN reloads with the next batch of reloading. Will this be a problem through a suppressed pistol? I also must have a cut-rifled barrel rather than polygonal rifled barrel as a result.

Who do you recommend making good XD barrels for this purpose?

January 31, 2009, 12:33 AM
Concealed carry will be an issue if you use a closed-bottom holster.

As the barrel also has the feed ramp, I would advise you get your new barrel before you have the work done (though a feed ramp polish can be accomplished with a dremel and some patience).

You should look at your supressor options before determining the threading...if not, most supressors also can have thread adapters mounted to change the pattern.

Supressed pistols need more oomf to cycle the action when shooting. So if you use light loads you will run the risk of a stovepipe or failure to eject.

You might be able to purchase a 5" XD Tactical barrel and have that threaded, or order a threaded model from an aftermarket retailer...