View Full Version : Recoil table for .40 cal

January 17, 2009, 07:08 PM

I just purchased Understanding Firearm Ballistics by Robert Rinker. In it, there's a recoil table for most of the popular handgun calibres, from .22 to .45 Colt. It shows the expected recoil energy in ft.lbs for bullet weights, powder charge (in grains), muzzle velocity, recoil impulse, etc.

However the one calibre it doesn't list is .40 calibre. Since that's what I shoot......

I should point out that I'm not rubbishing the book itself. I'm just wondering if there's anyone who can point me at a recoil table for .40 cal. I had a bit of a search but haven't been able to locate on. Any help would be much appreciated.