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January 13, 2009, 08:41 AM
Here are the results of a survey of real black powder prices that I did while sitting in a motel room enroute to an auction last Friday. First, the price by supplier:
Deleted, see post dated 1/13/09

Next, the same data sorted by brand:
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Note: These are 'delivered' prices; that is, the cost to put it on my doorstep in Michigan, so they include shipping and hazmat fees. The standard used was fffg, although I didn't see a difference in price between granulations in most of the data.

Most of these data are taken from the supplier's web site. However, I did speak to a couple of them directly. The Hazmat fee has risen from $20 per shipment to $22.50, and the wholesale cost of the powder has also risen in 2009. Some of these web site prices have not been modified from 2008 and so may not be exactly what you'll be charged if you actually order it. Where possible I went all the way to processing an actual order to get the delivered price, so I believe they're accurate, but things can change overnight...

January 13, 2009, 12:29 PM
Thank You, I know that took a lot of work. I bought a case of Goex a couple
years ago for 220.00 I'm going to hate when I have to start shooting it. I
use 17 grs per shot, so I think that is about 10,000 shots. I shoot 1,000 a year, so I'm good for 10 years. I'm 66 so It will last until I'm 76. Then I'll take
up chasing women.

January 13, 2009, 08:26 PM
1/13/2009 update: I received a response back from Jack's Powder Keg, and the prices listed on his web site include both shipping and hazmat fees. I updated the Powder, Inc. prices in the chart to current hazmat fee of $22.50 per package. Also, I rearranged the second chart to put the lines in increasing order of cost, so the least expensive of each brand is listed first. Finally, there was a math error in the first chart; the least expensive per pound price is Powder, Inc.'s KIK at $13.10, even with the updated hazmat fee, with Jack's Powder Keg house brand a close second at $10.20.

By supplier:

By brand: