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January 8, 2009, 10:21 PM
Just bought a new Uberti 1873 Cattleman .45 SAA and would like some info on best ammo. Do not presently reload and outside of the "comboy loads" what are the guns limits for a good hunting / self defense load?

January 9, 2009, 08:14 PM
I just shot a box of Central Fire Ultra, Max 250gr LRNFP as was very impressed with the groups from my Colt Anaconda. I shot several groups of 6 shots that were darn near a one hole group,this was @ 15yds and a 6" barrel.

January 10, 2009, 08:40 AM
Thanks........I'll try some! So far I like the Black Hills 250 "cowboy" load best but I want something hotter and safe for my Uberti just to have on hand.

January 10, 2009, 11:58 AM
A Uberti Cattleman is of modern manufacture, so it should be OK with any standard .45 Colt loading. I'm sure there are others, but about the only thing I know that's out there and is NOT supposed to be OK for standard loads is the cartridge conversion cylinders you put into your black powder, cap and ball revolvers. Like a replica of an 1858 Remington, for example. From what I've read those are only rated for the cowboy loads.

There are three different levels of .45 Colt load you might hear about: Standard loads, cowboy loads, and the so-called "Ruger and Contender Only" loads.

From what you've written you already know that the cowboy loads are loaded down. They're supposed to be reduced in recoil and blast, for quick shooting. They're intended as sporting equipment, not serious hunting or defense. Still, we're talking a big old slug traveling at over 700 fps, so they're nothing to sneeze at. As someone else said in these forums once, I wouldn't volunteer to stand in front of one.

But you can go for something more powerful without overstressing your Uberti. Whether the extra recoil would overstress YOU is another question. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The .45 Colt is reasonably powerful, but I don't find it all that punishing, and I don't like recoil at all.

When I buy standard .45 Colt around here what I usually find is the Remington Express, in the green and yellow box Remington uses for their standard ammunition. I forget the exact bullet weight, I think it's either a 225 or a 250 in a lead semi-wadcutter. This is a step up in power from the standard cowboy loads, but it should be OK in any modern revolver designed for the .45 Colt.

I used to get the Winchester Silvertip jacketed hollow points. I think they're still available. That was considered a wicked load back in the day, and I've seen people here say it still is. I just haven't found it in my local store during the last few years.

With .45 Colt being even more popular now than it was a few years ago, there are many other loads, and I'm sure there are good ones. I guess it depends on what your local store carries, unless you want to mail order from Cheaper than Dirt or some such online company. My local store is fairly large, but even so they carry two or three different kinds of .45 Colt cowboy ammo and only one brand of standard, the Remingtons. Ask the guy at the gun store for hunting or defense .45 Colt and see if they have anything. If it doesn't say on the box that it's cowboy, it probably isn't.

As for the "Ruger and Contender Only," those are way overloaded and shouldn't go into your Uberti. They shouldn't go into the Ruger New Vaquero either. These loads showed up before the New Vaquero, and are only safe in the TC Contender, the Ruger Blackhawk, or the original Ruger Vaquero, which have bigger, stronger frames than the New Vaquero.

I don't think you're going to stumble onto a Ruger and Contender load without knowing it. I've never encountered them, commercially made in a gun store. It's just a safety tip: READ THE BOX when you buy ammunition, especially for the .45 Colt. If it's commercially made, and if it's for some special purpose, it will tell you so. If it does happen to say "Ruger and Contender Only," don't buy it for your Uberti.

I think the Ruger and Contender loads are a lot more common in handloads than any other way. I have a rule that I don't like to shoot anyone else's handloads, and I'm more reluctant with the .45 Colt than with any other cartridge, just because sometimes people hot them up beyond what they should be- in my opinion. I get a little queasy about loading beyond SAMMI specifications even if one of my revolvers can handle it-- because others I have can't! OK, perhaps I'm too paranoid about this, but I'd advise you not to shoot handloads at all unless you know exactly what went into them-- which pretty much means you will have made them yourself.

January 12, 2009, 09:41 AM
Thanks for the info. I now have two or three options to try and i will post my impressions for other newbies to the Uberti Cattleman.......thanks agian for everyone's help!