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January 2, 2009, 06:29 PM
I have a french 16Ga with all the usual mysterious markings, I have looked at some old threads on the french guns and they have been very helpful. My gun has some markings that where not mentioned before and for the sake of knowledge I am asking for any comments that may shine more light on this shotgun. Mine has on the flats under the barrels "Acier de Surete" . At the front end of the flats, on each side, the capital letters (MP) on one barrel and (MT) on the other. A three pointed crown with the capital letters PT, Which we know means that the gun was made in St. Etienne . Just ahead of the flats both barrels are marked 17.1. Both flats are marked 65 which means 2 1/2" chambers. A proof mark that looks to me like a crown inside a set of antlers. It's got a sling swivels on the barrels and straight grip English style stock. The serial #'s all match. The post that the forearm snaps to has a very small number 1. The safety does not work on the right barrel, front trigger. Under the left barrel, in small lettering, in a light stamping the letters "aciercomprime" are in an arch. Directly under the letters is an arrow pointing to the left , then a squiggly line , then an arrow pointing to the right. On the right barrel are these letters in capitals and large print, "CANON TANGET". I have another mark that looks like a circle open on the bottom, inside looks like a trumpet or flower pointing to the right with maybe leaves above and below. Also the "Choke Rectifie" mark is inside an oval circle with the word "NOUVEAU" on top and "MONSEUR" on the bottom , Choke Rectifie printed across the middle.
Does anyone have a comment or additional infromation regarding this gun?

Jim Watson
January 2, 2009, 07:52 PM
Acier is steel, Surete is secure or security, so it is "secure as steel". Maybe acier comprime is the brand or grade of steel. (My Verney Carron is marked "acier diamante".)

Crown PT means it was proof tested at St Etienne or one of its branch offices, not necessarily made there.
17.1 is the bore diameter in mm, kind of a big 16 gauge.

Choke Rectifie surely has something to do with the choke bore, but I don't know what you do to a choke when you rectify it. Modified choke, maybe?

I expect Canon Tanget and Noveau Monsieur are the maker's trademarks, not that I ever heard of the brand.

Don't know anything about the other markings, they are not in my table of French proof marks.

January 2, 2009, 10:55 PM
Thanks Jim but what's up with the non working safty? There was a posting in 01-26-2001 regarding a similar french gun also having a non working safty. Wendell Beall
[email protected] said "I don't know if it's broke or just designed that way because I haven't taken it apart yet but the tang safety does not automatically engage upon opening. " Is a non working saftey a french design or design flaw?

January 3, 2009, 12:35 AM
With out seeing the gun it;s not hard to tell, but not
everybody likes a automatic safety. Many old European guns had manual safeties on their shotguns by request. They wanted to be able to shoot as soon as the gun was snapped shut. No fumbling with a safety. So if it is a manual safety then it is not defective but designed that way.

Jim Watson
January 3, 2009, 07:09 AM
The safety does not work on the right barrel, front trigger.

I am unclear. As RJay says, not all double shotguns have automatic safeties that engage whenever you break the gun open. Neither my Verney Carron, Browning Broadway, nor Anschutz-Miroku do. You have to apply the safety yourself when you want to lock up the gun. That is not a defect.

HOWEVER, if the safety does not keep the right barrel from firing when engaged, then it is broken or worn.

January 3, 2009, 02:11 PM
Acier de surete = safety steel, probably means it is not damascus.
Acier comprime = forged steel
Choke rectifie = modified choke, Nouveau means new, not sure about Monseur.
Small proof mark looks like a set of antlers = designed and manufactured for sporting use.

February 21, 2009, 01:33 PM
The safety works on both of my triggers. I have not info on this gun but i am looking that is how i ran across this blog. If you find any usful info would you please let me know thanks Randy

October 18, 2009, 09:15 AM
We have one that is similar, somewhat more ornate. On the flat portion of each barrell, which is hidden when the barrell is attached to the stock, are the words, "ACIER FIN"; there is a small "65" and a crown with a PT; a seal has a circle with words that we cannot make out.

Under the right barrel are the words "CANON TANCET" (The T could also be oart if an F, since the letter is not complete. The number 340 is stamped into the barrell.

There are apparent antlers on both barrells.

The left barrell "ACIER COMPRIME" which is curved over the top of three five-point stars.

There was another similar gun just listed on Ebay, but not as ornate as ours.

We were told it was made in France pre WWII; retrieved from Augsbeurg Germany right after the war.

May 13, 2017, 08:58 AM
Can anyone tell me how to determine age on these guns. I think I have a pre 1898 16 G with steel barrels. Is that possible?