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December 31, 2008, 12:41 AM
Well, you guys did a poor job of convincing me to not pick up a Garand from the CMP, so I've got a H&R Service Grade on the way. I am so excited I can barely wait. It's been about 8 hours since I mailed out the paperwork, and it already feels like a week! I was so excited I had to drive to a local gunshop and fondle the field grade they have on sale for $750 :rolleyes:. It was the first Garand I've held, and despite the dimmensions it is a comfortable gun.. I couldn't believe it! It balances perfectly in hand, and there is just something about holding such an awesome piece of history.. It just felt good.

Just thought I'd share, and was hoping maybe some of you could post some pics of your Garands as well to help pass this darn 1 - 2 month wait! :D

December 31, 2008, 01:28 AM
They are doing some AWESOME work at the CMP bro. I mailed in the payment/order for my SG HRA on Nov. 15th and it was delivered Dec 11th. Granted, I did tag this rifle at the CMP Western Games, I believe that makes a slight difference. Still, I thought I'd still be waiting well into January.

There is so much good stuff out there to read on Garands. If you can afford it, pick up some of the books and then you'll have something to do while you wait. You can also buy the M1 Armorer's Video Course from the American Gunsmithing Institute. It's a great course and will show you how to detail strip your M1 down to every last pin and spring and an excellent technique for cleaning all the gunk off.

After detailing my M1 and hitting the stock with BLO she is looking SWEET! And she shoots too! I got this book called "Precision Shooting With The M1 Garand" and it's outstanding.

I'm so tempted to order a 1903A3 and another M1 right now. I probably will end up with both this year. I don't know, it's an addiction and I'm already hooked. Here are some links for you to cruise while you're going nuts waiting!


Great Forums:

M1 Stocks:


Stock Article:

M1 Garand Clothing, Posters, Mugs, etc:

And here are a couple of pics of my baby...



I hope you have a female FedEx driver cause you'll want to kiss her the day she shows up with your M1!


December 31, 2008, 07:26 AM
Get used to the wait.....

I called CMP on Monday the 29th to see if they were going to need a new club card from me since my order has not shipped and most likely would not before the new year. The nice lady said they were just now processing orders received during the week of November 10th.

They are backed up.....

Again..... Get used to the wait.....

Best to all,

Garands forever

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