View Full Version : Allen Arms, Greenville, SC

December 16, 2008, 10:42 PM
To reinforce an earlier point about Allen Arms: I was at the range today, and a young couple came in to the pistol range with one of the female employees. The lady had never shot a pistol, I'm not sure about the guy. The employee spent 15-20 minutes, first going over the gun to be sure they understood the safeties, etc, and then going over range safety, and finally giving shooting tips. As she left to go back to the shop, she told them if they had any further questions, or any problems, be sure to come get her. It was obvious from their conversation that the couple was having a great time.

It's this kind of customer service that is responsible for all the business that Allen's does, and its why, at 4:00 pm, they had only two of 13 bays open for shooting.