View Full Version : best sidearm for hogs??

December 9, 2008, 08:24 PM
I am going on a hog hunt this weekend.. and dont know what to use as a sidearm.. i will be blind hunting.

my two biggest that i would consider.. are my .41 mag ruger or my xd 45...

i have many other caliburs.. but those are the biggest what would you do?

I also would like your thoughts on my rifle... i have 223, 6mm br, 30-30, 300 win, 300 weatherby. we will be shooting at around 100yds.

Dallas Jack
December 9, 2008, 08:51 PM
.41 mag Ruger would be my choice.
Dallas Jack

December 9, 2008, 09:22 PM
whichever you draw & shoot better & faster with

December 10, 2008, 02:38 AM
You probably won't need the sidearm. I would go with the 300 in weatherby or winmag.
Many a hog have fallen to the .223 and the 30-30. Shot placement with the .223 is essential. 100 yards is cool with the 30-30 but knockdown power of the 300 weatherby or winmag, makes for a short tracking job.
Long tracking job with the .223 usually.
If you shoot equally as accurate with all the rifles go bigger.

If you shoot exceptionally well with the .223, place that bullet at the base of the ear and pick up your hog.
It is a rare situation that calls for a back-up side arm in a blind.

December 10, 2008, 05:23 AM
Anything that is powerful and starts with a "4" or 10mm.

December 10, 2008, 08:46 PM
uhm my sidarm for hogs is a Ar15, also, my main arm for hog is a Ar15. How convienient??

December 10, 2008, 10:38 PM
My first choice would be the 41 mag,but the 45 would do if loaded with a heavy bullet.As far as the rifle is concerned I would opt for the 30-30 with a 170gr bullet.All that assuming that you are confident with your ability with that rifle.If there is another rifle that you feel more confident with use it instead,but these will do fine.Have a good hunt and be safe.

December 10, 2008, 10:52 PM
.44 Mag RSB, 7-3/4". I'm not an avid pistol guy but that's my backup for hunting. Sometimes carry a 9mm in the woods for snakes and scaring gators off, makes a lot of noise.

December 10, 2008, 11:25 PM
I believe this is a Crosman CO2 .177.


December 10, 2008, 11:25 PM
A .45 Colt single action "hawg-leg". ;) (seriously, loaded with heavy cast bullets it'd be a good choice)

December 11, 2008, 12:40 AM
a really big knife, like the one Rambo uses

December 11, 2008, 12:56 AM
Big gun, big knife but in all actuality if you can reach underneath the front leg for the "armpit", all you need is 3-4 inches of blade:D Buck 110 works fine for me on any hog...

December 11, 2008, 01:14 AM
I'd take the Ruger, and since your shots will be 100 yds or less, I'd take the 30-30. I normally use my 300 WSM, but if shots are going to be 100 yds, the 30-30 will work very well. I've taken many hogs with a 30-30.

December 11, 2008, 10:17 AM
my two biggest that i would consider.. are my .41 mag ruger or my xd 45...

If you mean a .45acp, I would say forget it. It might work, but it is low velocity and deffinately not a good choice compared to the .41 mag.

45Marlin carbine
December 11, 2008, 10:22 AM
either one with a hot loaded cast slug.

December 11, 2008, 10:56 AM
Buck 110 works fine for me on any hog...

Hogdogs, yur' such a manly man, that I always figured you didn't need anything more than a nail file to dispatch a hog. :)

Buzzard Bait
December 11, 2008, 04:04 PM
:):):)Does one of them have a bayonet mount? If so it would be my choice. That way you could use the bullets to shoot off any chunks of meat left on the blade.

Buzzard Bait

December 11, 2008, 08:27 PM
which ever you shoot the best with is the simple answer.

my answer for a hog handgun is my t/c contender in 30/30 with the super 14 barrel and target sights. this thing is hog medicine up close. i even shot a rattle snake this fall with it at about 10 feet. 150gr. winchester sp's really kill a hog or rattle snake really easily. not much left of the snake, so carry something smaller if you are snake hunting.

personally I would take the 45 because it offers quicker repeat shots and ease of reloabadility if you need it, of course if you need to reload it is to shoot yourself and put yourself out of the misery the hog is creating whenit is ripping you a new one. :D

December 11, 2008, 08:54 PM
I am liking U-frost! If you need more than a few rounds you dern sure don't wanna get "A NEW ONE" from a big ol' bo'hawg.... when I first started running dogs I thought of a PPP and decided that if I ever carry it would be a Thunder 5 loaded with 4 .45lc and a .410 #4 carried in a tanker style chest holster...
Cuz by the time decide I need it I am gonna be fallin on my butt or shaggin on my heels runnin and in either situation I am gonna draw, aim and fire faster from a center of chest holster... than any place else in a time of dire straits...

December 11, 2008, 10:09 PM
.41mag and whatever rifle you choose. I would use your 30-30

December 11, 2008, 10:54 PM
I've taken quite a few pigs with my S&W #57 using hard cat lead loads at 220gr.

Viking Josh
December 17, 2008, 04:05 AM
The bayonet on the end of your rifle:D

December 17, 2008, 10:23 PM
577 howdah tiger pistol, circa 1890's

December 18, 2008, 09:26 AM
Ruger 45 Long Colt, hard cast lead flat point, 18 gr 2400.

December 19, 2008, 02:52 AM
12ga pump, slug, 00 buckshot, slug, 00 buckshot, slug, 00 buckshot (no plug in magazine) ;-)

T. O'Heir
December 20, 2008, 12:57 AM
If you have a rifle, why do you think you need a handgun?

December 23, 2008, 11:49 PM
41 magnum full power 210 grain flat nose.