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December 9, 2008, 02:01 PM
Has anyone dealt with GunDealerOnline.com (http://www.gundealeronline.com/)? i am thinking of spending some money there, but I want to make sure I get what i am expecting. Any input would be appreciated.

December 17, 2008, 09:38 AM
I've never ordered anything off of John's site, but I deal with him at his home (Where he runs the business). He's a great guy and he'll take care of you very well.

January 20, 2009, 09:55 PM
I ordered a gun a month ago and still not have it. They took the money though. When I call, it's always voice mail. They call back then.
I'll keep you posted.

January 23, 2009, 11:43 AM
I bought a gun from these guys 3 weeks ago. They charged my account instantly for the purchase. The website said they would contact me in 24hrs. It also said it could be up to 72hrs due to high traffic. Well after 4 days I had to call them. I got the voicemail, left a message with no response. I was trying to get in contact with them so I could make sure they got the copy of my dealer's FFL that I sent in a email with the copy attached. Then I left them a question on their site about the FFL. Finally they called me back, but had no idea about my email, so I sent it again. They said they had the gun and it would be shipping in 2 days. A week goes by and nothing. I had to call them back again and they said that they were soo busy they couldnt get to my order. They said they would contact me with an update within a week. So I waited another week with no contact! I called again today with the voicemail again. I haven't been contacted once from GDO where they intiatied the contact. I feel like I have had to basically babysit them and even then I still feel like I am being strung along. Once I can contact them again I will probably cancel my order. I have dealt with other online gun dealers and have never had such a disconnected customer service experience. If I buy a gun from them thats in stock I usually have it at the range within 7 days. I would use extreme caution before purchasing from this site or avoid them altogether.


I looked on their site and they say they charge your card 24hrs prior to shipping (LIE):mad:. Well my order should've shipped more than 2 weeks ago! I talked to them and cancelled my order. After telling me they had a gun in stock and it would ship in several days (LIE):mad: it turns out that they never had the gun, took my money and were still looking for it 2 weeks after I paid them. That is not good business. They are sending me a refund check through the mail :(. At least I'm getting my money back. Truthfully, I won't be satisfied or feel safe about this until that check is in my hand.

January 24, 2009, 11:43 PM
I have dealt with www.gundealeronline.com on many occasions. I have ordered guns from their website, i have received guns from them at other dealers, and I have picked up one from their office as well... I have to say that my experience with them was exceptionally good. yes, when you order a FIREARM online and you enter your CREDIT CARD INFO to BUY the GUN..... IT WILL CHARGE YOU. I was aware of this.... and that is ok with me.... they called me the next day to confirm my order... and i had the gun in about 1.5 weeks. I have recomended them to many friends and family and they have all had good experiences too. :)

I am going to guess that the guy that posted the negative post about this business either ordered an AR rifle thinking that he would actually get one post election... and thinking he would get one asap. either that or he ordered a firestorm POS and is just an impatient person for a POS gun. What surprises me is that it sounds like he/she waited about 3 weeks, and they actually offered to give you a refund.... that is pretty nice of them since most companies.... like impact guns, and other sights wouldnt even dare call to issue a refund for your order.... you would just wait 5-50 weeks for your gun like everyone else is.

My thought is when it comes to internet sales.... the companies most likely do so much business, that if YOU, the customer want an update on your order.... just give the company a call, and they will give you an update. YOU CANT EXPECT A COMPANY TO HOLD YOUR HAND AND WIPE YOUR A** THRU THE ENTIRE PURCHASE AND WAIT.

Patience is Key.... if you dont have it.... go to a local hole in the wall gun shop and buy a standard POS gun from billy bob... I will have patience and continue to order from a respectable GOOD customer service oriented company like gun dealer online. Its not like buying a pair of tube socks from walmart. Some purchases take time and are not instant gratifying purchases like a candy bar bud.

I would also have to guess that most people order guns online becuase of the good prices, and the selection. Most gun shops will not have good selections... just your standards.... if you want something specific like me, you order online. AND YES.... NOT EVERY GUN IS GOING TO BE AVAILABLE. Right now im sure its hard for any gun dealer to get any guns becuase their are guns being sold all over the place. So patience is key again.

I find it very low in character to bash a company that really hasn't done anything wrong to a person besides issue a refund. :barf: You are the kind of person who should have just gone into your local gun shop and bought a Glock. Why did you order online in the first place? Oh let me guess.... your gun shops wouldnt order you a gun you wanted.... oh that sucks... so you ordered online.... and whats that? you had to wait a little time to get the gun you wanted that you couldnt find anywhere else? YEAH that is probably the case. PATIENCE

In conclusion, Gun Dealer Online, is an excellent company to order guns from. Customer service is great, shipping is fast, and they set up all the transfer stuff to the FFL dealer for you. They have availability on guns that are extremely hard to find other places. For example. I have a friend that just bought a DPMS AP4 Carbine from them.... he had the gun in 5 days from purchase (becuase it was one they had currently available which is hard to beleive) and the cost was $1049.00. Pretty cheap.... or just not jacked up....

Do what i did the before i placed my first order with them or before i met them.... call them. talk to them. See what they can do for you. :)

January 25, 2009, 09:47 AM
1. I always shop for guns online, but this was my first purchase from GDO. The customer service was almost nonexistent, GDO never contacted me once on their own accord.
2. It took me 4 days to reach someone there. They then told me to call back later, lol.
3. They charged my card instantly. The website states "charged 24hrs prior to shipping", other gun sites do this no problem.
4. They told me they had the gun in stock and it would ship within several days.
5. I wasn't buying an AR, firestorm, or glock.
6. They did not contact me about a refund. I had to initiate that, again.
7. Telling someone you have a gun in stock when in reality you do not is shady business. When the other online shops I frequent say they have a gun in stock, they actually do. 7 days later I am at the range with it, no problems.
8. I am very patient, but not when I am being strung along.

I posted with my experience there. That's it. I had a miserable experience and will never go to them again. You have had success through GDO and I am happy for you. I, unfortunately, did not. Perhaps the other online gun stores I am used to doing business with have set the bar too high.

January 25, 2009, 01:58 PM
To each his own. My experience and others I have talked to and recommended to GDO has been excellent. Sorry yours sucked. I would call them and let them know. They would prolly try to help you in some way or make it right.

January 26, 2009, 10:39 PM
I had a post about my order being delayed. The guys at Gun Dealer Online followed up with phone calls and emails as well. The reason that my order is delayed that the factories pushed to the limit nowadays and I have to give it to them, also the gun I ordered is kind of special.
Anyway, it's shipped now and not just that but it turned out that the FFL I selected wanted to charge sale tax and the customer service rep from GDO called a few FFLs in my area to find one who doesn't charge sale tax.
I think it was beyond their responsibility but still did it saving some good bucks for me.
I recommend them and probably will do business with them again.

January 27, 2009, 03:46 PM
I purchased an AR lower reciever from this guy and I couldn't be happier.

The customer service was out of this world. Their prices are some of the lowest I've found and they were extremely helpful with my first AR purchase. They will definitely get my business from now on.