View Full Version : Loading Patched Balls in a Revolver?

December 5, 2008, 05:54 AM
This may have been asked before, but I'm still curious about it.
Has anyone ever tried to shoot a .433 round ball with a .010 patch out of a revolver?
I realize that it might not produce great accuracy, but shouldn't it seal the chambers well enough to prevent a chain fire?
A slightly thicker patch or another PRB combination might work even better, especially if the .433 round ball was cast using harder lead which would result in a slightly oversized round ball.
If the patch was lubed, would it swab or lube the bore at all, or would it separate before it goes through the forcing cone and have no positive effect?
One reason for asking is because it occurred to me that if folks had hard lead alloy on hand, that they could cast and load undersized ~.433 patched round balls as a cheaper alternative.
Bare balls don't shoot all that bad out of single shot pistol barrel at short range, maybe they would shoot okay out of a revolver too if the distance to the target was reasonable.
And using patches to seal the chambers would be cheaper than buying wool wads and less messy than sealing them with runny lube during hot weather. :rolleyes:

December 5, 2008, 06:39 AM
It also occurred to me that if a large enough oversized patch was selected, say the size for a .54 -.58, then it could be tied with thread and loaded with the thread facing downward in the cylinder so that the ball would be pushing the patch through the barrel while affixed to it.
Thus swabbing the barrel and sealing the bore with the patch upon firing could be accomplished.
Maybe that would also produce better accuracy by filling in the rifling
Other methods to temporarily fix the patch to the ball even if just lasting long enough to load the PRB face down should work because again, the patch would be getting pushed.
Sealing with wax, paste or masking tape or whatever other easy method can be thought up should work, at least in theory.
Once it's loaded, the P&RB should be good to go together as one.

December 5, 2008, 07:42 AM
I think the biggest danger of patching revolver balls (and you mentioned it) is the proximity of the other loaded chambers, and the chance of a chainfire. I think Colt mentioned it in one of his early patents, but I can't remember which one. A few more cups of coffee might shake my memory a little (or explode my ticker).

December 6, 2008, 02:40 PM
This has been tried at the Nationals in the revolver matches, and works real
well. There is no problem with the patch going thru the forcing cone. It is
just a lot of trouble and really has no advanatge over just the plain RB. And
it is a real bitch in the 10 min. 10 shot timed fire match.