View Full Version : No private land to hunt on?

November 26, 2008, 02:42 PM
What do you do when you don't have any private land options for hunting?

I never hunted on public land, there is one area I know of, but it is right near a "big" city, I imagine a lot of hunters will be hitting it up.

The group I go with will be going on days I can't get off, so my options now aren't good. I will probably have to go out on my own, and don't really know anyone with land I can ask about hunting their property.

After getting ready for it all year too.

There is a special area to hunt with rifles now in my state, but in that area I don't know anyone. I've seen on maps public hunting areas, but they are not very large, and I wouldn't know the terrain at all.

November 26, 2008, 02:48 PM
TA, what state and quadrant of that state are you in? Our public places are large and we have places in them that are too far or too ruff or both for lazy guys to access. They happen to be where the deer go when the Army of Orange start shooting at each other.
If you can access the spy satellite watching Eglin AFB WMA.... look for the wooliest meanest looking swamp and zoom in, you may see me hunkered down in a natural ground blind on a deer trail!:D