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November 26, 2008, 12:39 PM
Anyone here have or used the 270 wsm looking for a new rifle. any info on the performance would be helpful

Brian Pfleuger
November 26, 2008, 02:08 PM
Ammo is expensive.
Depending on what you're shooting it might be overkill (varmints).
If I'm shooting something bigger than varmints I'd go 30-06 or .25-06, depending on size.
If it's varmint sized, .204, .22-250, .243 (for the bigger ones)

Short answer, I'm not a fan of the cartridge. It's in the middle of unnecessary territory IMO.

November 26, 2008, 06:34 PM
The only difference between a shortmag and standard lenght round is price and availibility. I wouldn't limit my self by getting a shortmag. If you want a 270 just get the 270 win.

November 27, 2008, 07:13 AM
I hate to go against the croud but..There is a difference in the standard and WSM. Check the stats.
I own and hunt whitetail deer with my Winchester Model 70 in 270WSM.
I put a boyds ross thumb hole laminant stock on it and a Nikon Monarch 4.5-14X40 scope.
I have taken several deer and one hog with this gun. I chose it because I wanted something that would shoot flat and be heavy enough to do the job.

Yes, many think it is overkill. I didn't want a 300 but I wanted a little more than a standard 270 for longer, flatter shots.

I have yet to lose a deer that I shot with this gun, but it could happen this year. Doo doo occurs. I have lost deer before with my 30-30 and my 257Roberts.(retired due to age) Lost none with my muzzleloader yet. 2 with my bow(my fault)

It kicks and is loud but what I shoot at dies. Adding the laminant stock put some weight to the rifle and I cannot remember a kick on a hunting shot yet.

My favorite mid to long range rifle yet. I still carry my Marlin 30-30 in the thick woods here in eastern OK. I carry the Winchester out west and down in TX, where I have longer range. I will carry it to south west Texas next week to hunt desert muleys.
150gr. Power-Point Winchester SuperX is about $35 a box of 20. My rifle just happened to like that round better than the 130 gr.
1.5in high at 100 yards and it is cross hairs on out to approx 300 yards for a deer sized target. BTW I shoot for the lung-heart area mostly. Depends on the circumstances. It is the bowhunter in me.

November 27, 2008, 08:24 AM
[quote]I have yet to lose a deer that I shot with this gun, but it could happen this year. Doo doo occurs. I have lost deer before with my 30-30 and my 257Roberts.(retired due to age) Lost none with my muzzleloader yet. 2 with my bow(my fault)

Hate to tell you friend, but they're all you're fault. Every firearm/weapon you mentioned is more than adequate for any deer, so if they failed, it's your doing.

In over 30 years of deer hunting, I lost one deer. Yes, it was my fault for making a poor shot, and not the fault of the rifle or load. It was many years ago, and I haven't done it again.

Rather than a bigger, more powerful firearm, I'd suggest some time at the range. A bigger rifle seldom makes up for poor shooting.

It's not doo doo that happens; it's you.

November 27, 2008, 11:24 AM
I have not heard of any poor performance issues about the 270wsm or the 300 wsm either. The one issue that keeps coming up among the wsm owners that I know,, is that they tend to be a little more finicky about handloads than their counterparts. I know 3 different individuals who struggled big time finding a load that shot decent groups. Losing animals is directly proportional to you and your rifles' accuracy and confidence. I personally like my 300wm and see no point in trying something else out that may or may not give me that level of performance.

November 27, 2008, 12:06 PM
Thank you Daryl for your assesment of my hunting career. I never blamed the weapon nor did I intend to infer that. I always take responsibility for my actions. I never said that any of the weapons mentioned were less than adequite or wounded deer but failed to kill them.
Everything I do in the woods is on me.
As for your 30 years in the woods experience and losing only one deer, you have been lucky. Doo doo does happen "friend", and you have no control over some things. If you think you do, you have delusions of grandeur.
If you hunted for 30 years and only one deer lost, you do not bow hunt. You also do not take several deer every year. If you had been harvesting a few deer every year, you would have had deer missing.
I bet every "other" 30 year hunter on this forum will say that sometimes stuff happens out of your control and I bet they will all say they have lost a few deer. I also bet they will all also say it was their fault and not blame anyone else.
I agree with you about spending time on the range. I am sure you spend more than I do. I only shoot a couple of boxes on the range during off season per rifle. I could shoot more but time and necessity don't push me to do it. I have been shooting since I was a tot. I am comfortable with my ability.
Thanks for jumping on my suggestion to the original poster Daryl Friend, about his question concerning 270WSM. I am sure it is forum lizzards like you who spend their life looking for an arguement. Member since July and already over 100 posts. When do you hunt?

Sorry to the rest of you good people for letting him whiz me off.

November 28, 2008, 04:49 PM
I like the .270 WSM round. When I bought my first deer rifle I wanted to make sure it was "enough" but more important I wanted something for some long flat shooting. (few gas lines and power lines where I hunt.) I can not complain with the round yet. Overkill??? Maybe. But zero'd at 200 yds I am comfortable shooting to 400. (yes I have taken a deer that far and it may have been luck or not....I dont want to argue about it...) I like the ballistics of it (100yd=+1 in, 200yd=0in, 300yd=-5.5in,400yd=-16in w/ 130 grain Ballistic silver tip)

I have a Steyr Pro Hunter and cant complain about the performance, but the only thing I have to compare against is .243

November 28, 2008, 07:34 PM
The 270WSM and the 300WSM are the two most popular of the Winchester short magnum family from what I have heard. I have a 7mmWSM and the accuracy is very impressive to me. They say that my 7mmWSM is going to die very soon but the 270WSM sales are OK. Everyone has a 270Win or a 30-06, including me. (the 06, sold the 270) I kind of like the "different" cartridges and the 270WSM appears to be a good one. If you like it.......that's all that really matters!:)

November 28, 2008, 07:37 PM
Thank you Daryl for your assesment of my hunting career.

Yer welcome!

I always take responsibility for my actions.

Glad to hear it; your post sounded like you were disappointed with your choice of cartridge and/or rifle.

Doo doo doesn't happen if you watch where you step.