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November 25, 2008, 11:42 PM
Hey guys. I've been lurking around the boards for a few days checking out posted info and such. My first and only gun I've ever purchased is a Stevens 67 Model E that I picked out from Wal-Mart almost 7 years ago (I know, you get what you pay for but I was young and impulsive). I didn't know anything at all about the different quality levels of shotgun and have always wanted a pump, so I bought it. Anyway, I've found the gun to be 100% reliable and actually pretty dang accurate. I've run about 500 shells through it, I don't shoot nearly as much as the average poster here, but I do enjoy it when I go. I've used it for trap and skeet and just making it go bang on various ranges. I'll have to say that trap and skeet is a challenge with a pump after a while.

Anyway, I started doing research on a self-defense gun for my wife as she wants no part of ever firing my 12 gage. She's fired them in the past and is scared of it. I'll be lurking on the revolver forum and probably asking some REALLY dumb questions on a somewhat regular basis.

November 26, 2008, 08:41 AM
If she just wants a lighter recoil you can try the reduced recoil loads... Or a 20 gauge... If she don't like the 20 at least you get a second shotgun.
No matter what, she will find thay any worthy defensive firearm is gonna bark like a Mutha.
But she needs to know that a gun is the ultimate "DOG" It is a BIG DOG!
It barks over here but bites over there....
Good luck and lookin' forward to hearin' from you.
For what it is worth... The guys on this board that shoot more than a hundred rounds per year is less than you think but those that shoot a thousand per year are far and few between.
I used to shoot 500-1,000 but latest move has me able to only shoot a few rimfire rounds per month so as not to **** off the neighbors.
But hope to run thru a bunch on deer!

Dave McC
November 26, 2008, 09:16 AM
Welcome aboard.

Maybe your wife needs to try out a few gas autos. The 391 in 20 gauge is a very light kicker, while it still has enough muzzle moxie to handle threats.

Same with the 1100. And that one also comes in 28 gauge, a real soft shooter.

Take her to the range and let her try a few. Once she picks one, get a lesson or six fro a qualified instructor. Trust me on this.

I shoot maybe 8K rounds a year at present but all shotgunners are welcome.

November 26, 2008, 11:49 AM

Dave Mc's points are well made. There are a few "ladies" or "youth" models available from Remington and Beretta on their semi-autos as well - and one of those may fit her better. I was out "shopping" the used gun stores in my area yesterday - and I'm amazed at how many good semi-autos there are on the used market right now in a variety of gagues.

November 26, 2008, 02:29 PM
Greetings, micachu and welcome aboard.

I don't want to start an inquisition with a sacrilegious utterance; but.... Some folks just don't like shooting shotguns, period.... end of story. My wife's one of them: she's happiest with a handgun; we practice with handguns; and our HD weapon of choice is a handgun.

FYI: A wife who doesn't like shooting shotguns has saved me tens of thousands of dollars, over the years. :D

November 26, 2008, 02:36 PM
ZIPPY, I never thought of the savings... Maybe I oughta lay off asking my daughter to give the 20 a whirl!
My wife shot my Mossberg .410 bolt and liked it. But the gun had considerable mass with the full wooden stock, long barrel and poly choke on the end. I fired a single shot .410 and had to say "I don't remember the .410 having any kick...
Both her and my little girl see the thump and hear the boom of the 20 gauge pump and refrain from indulging...

November 27, 2008, 01:29 PM
I tried to get get my daughter interested in shotgunning when she was young; but, she wasn't interested. She claimed the whole process was way too noisy. I think it was that guns were a "boy" thing in her mind.
My wife tried some Skeet before our daughter was born and didn't care for it. Many years later, in the shadow of the Rodney King riots in up in El Lay, we thought it was time to learn about handguns. A weekly trip to the pistol range became part of our routine for several years. These days, we don't make it out every week, but she's still comfortable with a handgun.
I can reload handgun ammo, with home-cast bullets, for the price of .22LRs. For us, pistol shooting is much less expensive than the shotgun sports.

November 28, 2008, 06:31 AM
Welcome Micachu,

Well for one thing ask away.. there are a lot of knowledable folks on this forum. You might get the occasional poster who says "We have beat that to death why don't you do a search". If that happens just take it with a grain of salt. I have asked some questions on this forum and I have posted on the things I know about because I do have some knowledge in certain areas. Does your wife really want to shoot a shotgun.... or a gun period? The reason I ask this is " Will she ever use it in a situation if she is dead set against it". The answer in my mind is most likely no. I have female friends that shoot trap and skeet and they love it... I wouldnt want to be a BG going in their homes. I believe mindsets are the most important part of defending ones self. If guns arent in your wifes mindset then I beleive she may hesitate when the time comes to use it or she will decide ahead of time it isnt a option at all. Other options might be in your best interest and her best interest. Just something to think about. Goodluck with whatever you decide.

November 28, 2008, 09:39 PM
Thanks for the welcome guys.

We're currently looking for a revolver for her. A .38 is leading the pack at the moment although a .357 has been mentioned but not test fired yet. We went to a pistol range last Saturday and she did quite well with a Taurus model 85 and decent with a Taurus model 82 but she thought the 82 was a little heavy for her. I scouted out a S&W a few days ago and hopefully she'll be shooting that on Tuesday, that particular range has 'ladies' day' on Tuesday and everything is half price for them. Also her dad is quite a shooter and we're going to see him tomorrow. Hopefully we'll test fire a couple of his handguns for a little more perspective on the matter.

I've read a number of threads where the quality and longevity of Taurus revolvers have been discussed and it's duely noted. However, I do have a price range that I'm trying to maintain and unless I can find a used S&W, I don't think that'll fit the range. I did see the thread on here about buying a used revolver. Very informative. I'll have to dig out my feeler gages after she and I get permits so I can at least hold a prospective gun to examine it.