View Full Version : Stevens 620 malfunction

November 23, 2008, 04:22 PM
hey guys, i guy at my work has given me a Stevens 620 pump 12Ga shotgun. he and I had gone to shoot trap before and he took this gun with him. after about ten minutes of him messing with the shell feed decided to take my second gun i had brought, ol reliable 870 :D. that night he went home and disassembled the whole gun trying to figure out what was wrong. he couldnt figure it out and was ready to throw it out when i told him i would take it.

now i have it put back together and cleaned and oiled every crevice. the problems is that the shells do not go up into the magazine properly, do not dispense properly, and dont get fed into the barrel right. should i just relpace the mag with all related parts? i know its not a collector item or even a mantle piece, but even if its worth fifty bucks that means i can at least put that in it to try and fix it since i have no money in it so far. the only place i have found offering replacement parts for this gun is http://www.gun-parts.com/savageshotgun/ .these parts are what i mean by replacing all related parts :rolleyes:
520A-143 Mag Follower............$10

520A-355 Magazine Tube.........$30

77-149 Magazine Plug...............$20

520A-156 Magazine Spring.......$ 6

another question i have, on my winch 1300 and rem 870 the pump release after the trigger is pulled. so far it does not on the 620, you must release it everytime. is there something wrong or is that how it operates? :confused:
Thanks guys. always room for more shotguns!!!!