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November 18, 2008, 06:17 PM
Patternmaster chokes: does anyone here use them? Do they work? Are they worth the money? If I can squeeze a little more yardage out of a shotgun with buckshot, that's great.

November 18, 2008, 06:20 PM
My son uses them and swears by them. He is a chronic deer hunter.

November 18, 2008, 06:22 PM
What kind of patterns and range is he getting? What type of ammo is he using?

Scattergun Bob
November 18, 2008, 10:09 PM
Yes I do use them of several of my fighting scatterguns and on my 1 big boomer 870. What are you doing with your gun, and what distances are you looking at? There buckshot choke is a shot cup / wad regulating type of choke and has no restriction. They have other choke options so that is why I am asking for your niche.

With some of the modern Federal Buck loads choking for defensive work is a thing of the past.

Hope I can help!

November 19, 2008, 06:47 AM
Scattergun Bob I'm looking at using 3" 00 bk as a defense load to 50yds. My load is Win Super X copper plated with 12 pellets. From what I was reading on the Patternmaster site, their chokes supposively tighten up the groups and shorten the shot stream with the larger shot.